George Washington Papers

General Orders, 29 October 1776

General Orders

Head-Quarters, White-Plains,1 Octob: 29th 1776.

Parole: Countersign: .

John Eustace Esqr: appointed Aide-De-Camp to General Lee; and Adjt Bradford of Col. Hitchcocks Regt is appointed temporary Aide-De-Camp.

The representation made of Col. Webb’s regiment yesterday by Genl McDougall, appearing to be a mistake, and that they kept the post assigned them, notwithstanding a severe Canno[n]ade; The General takes the first opportunty to make it known, to prevent any unfavourable impression.2

Until the Guards are otherwise fixed, every division is to mount Guard opposite to their posts, according to the situation of the ground.

Alexander Scammell Esqr. appointed Assistant to the Adjutant General for General Lee’s division.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1GW’s headquarters by this date was at Ann Fisher Miller’s house about two miles north of the courthouse at White Plains (see General Orders, 23 Oct., n.1).

2“Williams’ Diary,” 49:58, reads: “The representation made of the conduct of Colo Webbs Regt.” During the Battle of White Plains on the previous day, Col. Charles Webb’s 19th Continental Regiment, which was part of Gen. Alexander McDougall’s brigade, occupied the left end of the American line on Chatterton’s Hill and repulsed an enemy attempt to move around that flank and seize the Dobbs Ferry road (see Hufeland, Westchester County description begins Otto Hufeland. Westchester County during the American Revolution, 1775–1783. White Plains, N.Y., 1926. In Publications of the Westchester County Historical Society, vol. 3. description ends , 137–38, 140, 143, and Hadaway, McDonald Papers description begins William S. Hadaway, ed. The McDonald Papers. 2 vols. White Plains, N.Y., 1926-27. In Publications of the Westchester County Historical Society, vols. 4–5. description ends , pt. 1, 46, 51, 53–54). Webb’s regiment had three to five men killed and eight men wounded during the battle (see Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in the Army, 1 Nov., in Force, American Archives description begins Peter Force, ed. American Archives. 9 vols. Washington, D.C., 1837–53. description ends , 5th ser., 3:471–74; and the casualty returns for Ward’s regiment and McDougall’s brigade, 23 Nov., ibid., 725–26, 729–30). McDougall also accused the enlisted men of Col. John Haslet’s Delaware Regiment of misbehavior at the Battle of White Plains although he admitted that the officers properly did their duty during the fighting. For Haslet’s vigorous defense of his men, see his letter to Caesar Rodney of 12–19 Nov. in Ward, Delaware Continentals description begins Christopher L. Ward. The Delaware Continentals, 1776–1783. Wilmington, Del., 1941. description ends , 492–95.

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