George Washington Papers

General Orders, 25 October 1776

General Orders

Head Quarters, White Plains, Octob: 25th 1776.

Parole: Countersign:

The Guards are to be continued as settled the last evening, ’till further Orders, and the Brigade Majors to be very careful that the Guards are properly relieved.

The General most earnestly recommends to all commanding Officers of Brigades, and Regiments, to extend their care to the Waggons which they have, or may employ, and to dismiss them as soon as they have brought their baggage, and have been refreshed.1

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1“Williams’ Diary,” 49:56, reads: “to extend their care to the waggons which they have or may employ, to prevent their being improperly loaded to dismiss them to the QMG as soon as they have brought the baggage & been refreshd.” At the end of this day’s general orders, that source adds: “The members of the court martial are to be punctual in their attendance at the court house—Lt. Colo Brayley [George Baylor?] to act as judge advocate in the absence of Colo Tudor.”

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