George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Joseph Trumbull, 19 April 1776

From Joseph Trumbull

New York 19th April 1776

Comissary Trumbull’s best Respects, to Genl Washington, & Informs—That The Rations of Provision supplied by him to the Troops, at & near Cambridge, per Genl Orders were & are

  • 18 oz. Salted Pork—or 24 oz. Salted or Fresh Beef—Or 16 oz. Salted Fish per man per diem.
  • 1 lb. Flour or Bread per man per diem.
  • 1 qt Beer per man per diem—Or 9 gallns Molosses per 100 men per week.
  • 3 pts Pease or Beans per man per week.
  • 6 oz. Butter per man per week.
  • ½ pt Rice—or 1 pt In[dian] Meal per man per week.
  • 6 lb. Candles per 100 men per week.
  • 24 lb. Soft or 8 lb. hard Soap per 100 men per week.

That he paid the Officers, their Rations at & after the rate of 7½d. lawfull money of New England per ration—In which computation the fractions were given in favr of the Officer—Pork was Computed at 77/6 per bl—Flour at 22/6 per Ct. Beer was not to be had at Cambridge & Molasses was generally given at 2/ & 2/4 per galln1—That he now Supplies the Same Rations in New York, Pork now Costs 66/ per bl—Flour 12/ perC[t] & Beer, which can be had, & Molosses cannot—the Beer Costs 7/6 per bl—& all other Articles as Cheap, & the most a little Cheaper here than at Cambridge, The difference, arises from the difference between Land & Water transportation; so that there is nearly 1½d. difference in each Ration of Bread or Flour—& nearly ½d. in the Pork—So that he Judges, a Ration here will not ex[c]eed Six pence, or 6½d. Lawfull Money of New England—equal to 8d. or 8⅓d. Currency of New York.2


1See Joseph Trumbull’s Estimate of a Daily Ration, November 1775, printed as an enclosure to Trumbull’s letter to GW, 20 Nov. 1775.

2For Trumbull’s current disbursements at New York to regimental commanders for rations and to merchants for various provisions, see his account with the Continental Congress, 15 April–25 May 1776 (DLC:GW).

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