George Washington Papers

General Orders, 24 January 1776

General Orders

Head Quarters, Cambridge, Jany 24th 1776

Parole [ ].Countersign [ ].1

The Barracks are to be finished as speedily as possible, that the Militia Regiments, which are expected may be accomodated—The Quarter Master General and his Assistants, are to look out in time, for other quarters, if the Barracks are thought insufficient to entertain the troops—The Regiments are to be brigaded in the following manner—viz:

Brigdr Genl Thomas’s Brigade. B: Genl Heath’s Brigade. B: Genl Spencer’s Brigade.
Learnerds Prescott’s Parson’s
Jos: Reeds Sergeants Huntington’s
Whitcombs Phinneys Webb’s &
Wards & Greatons & Wylly’s Regts
Baileys Regts Baldwins Regts . . . .
B: Genl Sullivan’s Brigade. B: Genl Green’s Brigade. B: Genl —2 Brigade.
James Reeds Varnums Glovers
Nixon’s Hitchcocks Pattersons
Stark’s &
Poors Regts
Littles &
Bond’s Regts
Arnolds &
Hutchinsons Regts

Whitcombs, Webbs and Huchinsons Regiments, are to join their respective Brigades, as soon as provision is made for it; at any rate before the first of February; that they may get fixed before the Militia come in.3 The Brigadier and Q: Mr General is to see that each Brigade, is as compactly quartered as the Barracks will admit of; The Barrack Master is to see that each room has its Compliment of men, and the Officers placed contigious to them.

The Custom of maning the Lines and each regiment repairing to its alarm-post at Revellie beating is to be strictly and invariably practiced, until countermanded—The Brigadiers are to take especial care, that proper alarm posts are assign’d, to every Regiment, that no confusion may arise upon an alarm.

Neither Provisions, nor the Value of them, are to be issued to Officers, or Soldiers when upon Furlough—Furloughs are always consider’d as injurious to the service, but too often granted for the gratification of Individuals—The General was therefore not a little surprised to find, that it had contrary to custom, and common Justice, become a question, whether absentees, were not entitled to the same allowance of provisions, as if they were present and actually doing duty.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1Artemas Ward’s orderly book gives the parole for this day as “Ticonderoga” and the countersign as “Wolfe.”

2Joseph Frye filled this vacancy on 17 February. See General Orders, that date.

3Col. Asa Whitcomb’s 6th Continental Regiment moved from Greene’s brigade on Prospect Hill to Thomas’s brigade at Roxbury. Col. Charles Webb’s 19th Continental Regiment moved from Sullivan’s brigade on Winter Hill to Spencer’s brigade at Roxbury. Col. Israel Hutchinson’s 27th Continental Regiment moved from Sullivan’s brigade to the vacant brigade at Cambridge.

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