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Enclosure: Intelligence from Boston, 17 December 1775


Intelligence from Boston

[17 December 1775]

This Acompt I Receivd from Boston this Day—Dember 17 1775.

Remark for Tusday Dember 5 1775.

Gott into Boston mett with the Ship Boyan1 Bound for London Wich Had on Bord 30 Masters of Vesels Pasheners on bord.

Thusday 7 the Foy man of war 20 Guns Mountigue2 Commander Brought in the Brige Washington one Martendell Commander mounted 10 Guns and ten Swivells 72 men the Capt. and all the men was Put on Bord the Priston. Munday Last3—General Washington—Prisners was Put on bord the Tarter man of war To be Sent Hom for Triel as Pyrets.

The Followg is the Price of Provison in Boston vizt

Rum £ 0 12 0 per Gall. Starling
Moloses 0 3 0 by the Hh.
Wood 4 16 6 per Cord
See Coal 4 14 0 Chotron
Salt Beef 4 4 0 per bl
Merder Wine 1 8 0 per Doz.
Read Porter 1 4 0 Ditto
Hay 20 0 0 per tun
beef 0 9 0
Turkeys 0 10 6
Foulls 0 4 6
Onions 0 0 6 per lb.
Potato 0 10 0 per Bushel
Solders Lounces 4 Pound per week

orders from General How to Pull Down the Old North meeting House and one Hundred Wood Houses.

Morson Scotch menster took Bribe of A Sertain Genttelmen of 36/ Starling to Gett Out of Boston and 72/ to Let him Bring Out A trunk of £240 Pound in Cash Wich when he Had it in his Power sezd the Holl and Carreed it to Boston A Gain.

The Officers of the 59 & the 18 Redg. is Sailed four Hom in order to Recrute and Return in The Spring one Redgt of foot and 3 Companys of the Lite Hors Sails for Halifex this day.

Sir I am Creadible in formed that the Solgers have Nothing But the a Bove 4 Pound of Porck & Bread Delt out to them

Richd Dodge Capt.


1The British warship Boyne.

2George Montagu of the Fowey.

311 December.

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