George Washington Papers

To George Washington from the New York Committee of Safety, 9 September 1775

From the New York Committee of Safety

In Committee of Safety for the Colony of New York
[New York City] Septr 9th 1775


In the Recess of the Provincial Congress it is the Duty of the Committee of Safety to answer Your favor of the 30th Ulto to our President1—We perfectly agree with You that the Instances of Collusion You mention are such Instances of Avarice at such a Time and in such a Cause as call for a severe Scrutiny and examplary Punishment.

Be assured, Sir, that we are vigilant for the Discovery of such Delinquents; and that those who may fall in our Way will not escape their just deserts.

The Gentlemen who informed You of the Arrival of a large Quantity of Powder and five hundred stand of Arms, perhaps did not know that tho’ they were landed on the East end of Long Island they were immediately transported to New London and did not belong to this Colony or any of its Inhabitants. We have had indeed about three thousand Six hundred Weight of Powder bro’t in, and before its arrival we had not a Barrel in the Colony, except what was most sparingly distributed among individuals.

We deplore the Situation of the Army under Your Command; and were our Abilities equal to our Wishes, we should not fail to contribute to Your immediate Assistance and Supply. We are heartily sorry that your Poverty in the necessary Article in Question, prevents You from availing Yourself of the Advantage of Situation You have lately gained. But be assured, Sir, We have not Powder enough for the necessary Defence of this Colony; especially if any Disaster should happen to General Schuyler, which would render it requisite to give additional Strength and Security to the Northern Parts of this Colony the Inhabitants of which at this juncture are most sparingly supplied with Arms and Ammunition.

We shall immediately forward a Copy of Your Letter to the Continental Congress and write to them on the Subject2—The quantity of Powder transported from Long Island to New London were Eight Tons as we have been informed. perhaps an Application to that Colony might prove successful. We are. Sir. most respectfully Your most Obedient humble servants

By Order.
Gilbert Livingston Chairman Pro. Temp.


2The committee wrote to Congress on this date: “We enclose you a Copy of a Letter which we have this day received from General Washington to which we beg Leave to refer you. As the General stands in need of a supply of Gunpowder, and as we are informed that a considerable Quantity has lately been received in Philadelphia, we doubt not you will forward as much as can be spared for this necessary Service. We have about Eight hundred weight in our Magazine, which we would willingly part with if our Citizens had a Supply. Be assured we shall be attentive to every requisition from the General. . . . Some time Since we forwarded to the Camp at Cambridge Nineteen hundred & fifty five pounds of Gunpowder: We Submit it to you whether it would not be proper to replace us that Quantity from Philadelphia as we know not what demand may be for that article from General Schuyler” (DNA:PCC, item 67).

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