George Washington Papers

General Orders, 24 August 1775

General Orders

Head Quarters, Cambridge, August 24th 1775

Parole Tunbridge:Countersign Ulster.

Lieut. William Ryan of Col. Nixons Regiment, tried by a General Court Martial of which Lieut. Col. Brickett was Presdt is found guilty of a breach of the 6th and 49th Articles of the Rules and Regulations for the Massachusetts Army and is unanimously adjudged to be cashiered. The General approves the Sentence and orders it to take place immediately.1

The Quarter Master General is to see that the different Brigades, or at least each Division of the Army, are provided with Armourers, sufficient to keep the Arms therein in proper repair—that they have proper places provided to work in, that they are properly attended to, to prevent impositions of any kind. He is also to employ Brickmakers under the Care of Capt. Francis of Col. Mansfield’s Regiment; and sett them to make Bricks immediately: The necessary attendance is to be applied for by Capt. Francis to the Adjutant General.2

The Qr Mr General is also to receive from the General Court of the Massachusetts Government, or from such persons as they shall appoint, to deliver them; all the Shirts, Shoes, and Stockings, Breeches and Waistcoats, which have been provided by Order of their Committee of safety, for the Use of the Army; & settle for the same, and not deliver any from his Store, without an Order in writing from the Commander in Chief.3

An exact Return of the Company of Artificers, under the Care of Mr Ayres, to be given in—where they have been to work, and how employed.4

The General would be glad to have the Rules and Regulations of war (as established by the Continental Congress) returned to him signed, as he will thereupon proceed to distribute the Continental Commissions, agreeable to the Ranks lately settled.5

The late Pay Master of the Massachusetts Forces, is once more called upon, in a peremptory manner, to settle his Accounts with the different Regiments, that it may be known, what money is due to the men up to the first of this month (August)[.] The General is sorry, that any difficulty or delay, should have happened, in a matter so plain, and simple in its nature. He now assures the Regiments of Massachusetts, as they seem to be the only Complainants and Sufferers, that if they do not get paid by their own Colony pay Master, before the first day of September, that he will order James Warren Esqr. Continental pay Master General, to pay each of the Massachusetts Regiments, for the month of august, and that he will moreover, use his endeavours to have their pay up to the 1st of August settled for and adjusted, as soon as possible.6

Twenty Men from Col. Mansfields Regiment, & ten from Col. Gardiners, and two from each of the other Regiments in the Lines; and in Cambridge, to be sent, to join Capt. Francis, of Col. Mansfields regiment, to be forthwith employed in making of bricks none but Men who are acquainted with that service to be sent upon it.

Col. Prescott, with two Companies of his regiment; to march to Sewells point this day; The Col. will apply to the Quarter Master General, for the Tents that will be wanted for this detachment.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1Artemas Ward’s orderly book gives this officer’s name as “Lieut. Wm Rison” (MHi: Ward Papers). Article 6 of the Massachusetts articles of war provides that “any officer or soldier, who shall strike his superior officer, or draw, or offer to draw, [his sword,] or shall lift up any weapon, or offer any violence against him, being in the execution of his office, on any pretence whatever, or shall disobey any lawful commands of his superior officer, shall suffer such punishment, as shall, according to the nature of his offence, be ordered by the sentence of a general court martial” (Mass. Prov. Congress Journals description begins William Lincoln, ed. The Journals of Each Provincial Congress of Massachusetts in 1774 and 1775, and of the Committee of Safety. Boston, 1838. (Microfilm Collection of Early State Records). description ends , 122). Article 7 of the Continental articles of war is nearly identical in wording. For article 49 of the Massachusetts articles of war, see General Orders, 7 Aug. 1775, n.1.

2Ebenezer Francis (1743–1777) of Beverly remained a captain in Col. John Mansfield’s Massachusetts regiment until the end of this year. On 6 Nov. 1776 Francis became colonel of the 11th Massachusetts Regiment, and he was killed at the Battle of Hubbardton on 7 July 1777.

3For the General Court’s resolution ordering the delivery of this clothing, see GW to James Warren, 23 Aug. 1775, n.1. The clothing was provided by order of the committee of supplies, not the committee of safety.

4Capt. Joseph Eayres of Dunstable, Mass., became major of Col. Benjamin Flower’s regiment of artillery artificers in July 1776 and retired from the Continental service in August 1780.

5For GW’s previous orders regarding the signing of the Continental articles of war, see General Orders, 9 Aug. 1775.

6The Massachusetts receiver general, Henry Gardner, apparently acted as paymaster of the colony’s forces. For GW’s earlier orders calling on all of the provincial paymasters to settle their accounts with their regiments, see General Orders, 10 Aug. 1775. For the payment of the Massachusetts troops by James Warren, see General Orders, 31 Aug. and 5 Sept. 1775.

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