George Washington Papers

General Orders, 26 July 1775

General Orders

Head Quarters, Cambridge, July 26th 1775

Parole, Amsterdam.Countersign, Amboy:

It is recommended to the Commanding Officers of Corps, that all coverings made of Boards, be built in the form of barracks and in the most advantageous manner, at the same time so contrived as to be warm and comfortable in cold weather.1

All Passes to be discontinued for the future, and no person to be admitted into the Lines, unless introduced by an Officer, who can vouch for him, or by Order of the Officer commanding in the Lines.

It being represented that the present Hospital, is not large enough to contain the sick, Lieut. Governor Oliver’s house, is to be cleared for that purpose, and care to be taken that no injury is done to it.2

Notwithstanding the strict and repeated Orders, that have been given against firing small arms, it is hourly practised, All Officers commanding Guards, posts and detachments, to be alert in apprehending all future Trangressors.3

Capt. Clarke of General Putnam’s Regiment confined in Arrest, for “neglect of duty when upon guard,” tried by a late General Court Martial, is acquitted and is immediately to be released from his arrest.4

Levi Woods, Soldier in Capt. Nuttings Company, in Col. Prescott’s Regiment5 confin’d for “absenting himself without leave and refusing to take the Oath, & threatening to leave the army”: The Court Martial upon the prisoners pleading guilty, and promising to behave obediently for the future, recommended him to the General’s mercy, who is pleased to pardon the prisoner.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1This order was apparently prompted by news of British preparations in Boston for the coming winter. See GW to Hancock, 4–5 Aug. 1775.

2Andrew Oliver (1706–1774), a Loyalist who in 1765 provoked the wrath of Massachusetts Patriots by accepting appointment as a stamp officer, served as lieutenant governor of Massachusetts from 1771 to 1774. Before his death on 3 Mar. 1774, Oliver lived at Elmwood about a mile west of Cambridge.

3For GW’s previous order prohibiting the firing of small arms without cause, see General Orders, 4 July 1775.

4Capt. James Clark (1730–1826) of Lebanon, Conn., remained in the Continental army until 18 Dec. 1775.

5Capt. John Nutting (1731–1816) of Massachusetts served under Col. William Prescott until the end of 1776.

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