George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Going Lanphier, 16 October 1773

From Going Lanphier

New Church1 Octor 16: 1773


I am apprehensive that in the Bill of Scantling that I sent you it was orderd so as to have the Sleepers of Both the additions to Ly Length ways with the house if so the will not be Right by that means the floor will be aCross and the Getting plank the Length of the addition will not answer the Intended purpose of haveing no heading Joints in the Lower floors, the S[l]eepers Need not be More then 16 feet long to Join on a Summer in the Middle that must be Layd Length ways of House, the Sleepers Must be the same Breadth & thickness as them Mentiond in the Bill & the Two Summers 10 by 14 and 22 feet Long.2 I am Sir Yr Most Humle Servt

Going Lanphier

N.B. I preposd from the begining to Lay the flooring & seeling Jousts Length way of the House it will be a Great Means to Strengthen the additions. G.L.

ALS, DLC:GW. Lanphier wrote on the cover of the letter: “By favor of Mr Willm Copon” (Copein).

Going Lanphier (1727–1813) of Alexandria did the interior carpentry work in 1758 when GW enlarged the house at Mount Vernon. GW now had hired him to extend both ends of the house, adding a library with a bedroom above on the south end and a two-story banquet room at the other. Lanphier “came to W[or]k” on the addition on 25 April 1774 (Diaries description begins Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig, eds. The Diaries of George Washington. 6 vols. Charlottesville, Va., 1976–79. description ends , 3:246). The library-bedroom addition was not completed until after GW left for Boston in 1775, and it was another ten years before he had his “New Room” at the north end of the mansion.

1The “New Church” was the new Pohick Church which was in the final stages of completion.

2In the Washington Papers at the Library of Congress is an order for materials that Lanphier sent, at some point, to GW:

Bill of Materials for the Additions to the Mansion House

To Wit

4370 feet of Inh & half plank for Weather Boarding
880 Do of Inh & Quarter Do for Dowall floor: Each plank to be 22 feet Long full
1760 Do of Do Do for the South End having two floors
500 Do of two Inh Do for Doors &c.
500 Do of Inh & half Do for Windows
Do of Inh Do already provided

12 M Cypress Shingles

9 pr of Dovetail Mortise hinges midling sized & 3 pr Do Larger

9 Common brass Cased Locks  3 Do Dbl. spring’d best Locks

6 M 6d. brads  6 M 4d. Do  3 M 3d. Do  3 M 2d. Do

8 M Clasp nails Instead of brads for flooring  20 lbs. Gleu

40 M 4d. nails for plaistering of Lathd Lead, & Lines, for Windows

Crown Glass for 20 windows of the same size as the windows they are to Range

400 Wt of White Lead for Inside and Out  30 lb. Read Lead

2 lb. Lamb black  10 lb. Yellow Oaker  10 lb. umber  a Cask of Whiteing  20 galls. Brittish Linseed oyl for the Inside. the outside may be done with Country Oyl, the above White Lead to be ground in Oyl,

Bill of Scantling

4 Soils [sills] 32 ft Long 12 Inh by 10 Inhs thick best Wt Oak
4 Do 26 Do Do Do Do
20 Sleepers
16 Long 22 Do 10 4
4 posts 24 Do 10 10
4 Do Do Do 10 6 Do
8 braces 12 Do 8 6
8 Do 8 Do 8 6
2 posts 23 Do 8 6
80 Studs 16 Do 6 4
16 Joists 22 Do 8 4
68 Studs 7 Do 6 4
4 plates 32 Do 8 6
4 Do 22 Do 8 6
28 Rafters agreable to Length of Mansion house Rafters  5 Inhs by 4 Do
2 hip Rafters agreeable to Do Do 9 5
7 window Soils [sills] ⟨to⟩ be got of the best Wt. Oak 12 feet Long 9 4

Brought Over for South End

32 Sleepers 22 feet Long 10 Inhs by 4 Do
8 braces 10 Do 8 6
2 Posts 39 Do 8 6
68 Studs 12 Do 6 4
68 Do 10 Do 6 4
16 Joists 22 Do 10 4
16 Do 28 1/2 Do 8 4
4 plates 32 Do 8 6
25 Studs 12 Do 4 3
25 Do 10 Do 4 3
28 Rafters agreable to the Length of Mansion house Rafters 5 Inhs by 4 Do
2 Hip Rafters agreable to Do Do 9 5
1000 feet Laths for Shingles 3 Inhs broad & 1 Inhs thick

The Quantity of Laths for plaistering must be g⟨mutilated⟩ed by the quantity of plaistering to be done.

If the shingles are to be laid on plank it will take Dble the Quantity of Laths of ⟨Inh⟩ plank as it does of Laths, and the weight will be abundantly greater on the Roof.

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