George Washington Papers

Memorandum List of Tithables, 10 June 1772

Memorandum List of Tithables

[c.10 June 1772]

A List of Tythables—in Truro Parish Fairfax County—June 10 1772.

Geo: Washington, Lund Washington

Thos Bishop, Jonan Palmer, Chr. Shade, John Alton.  [house servants] Breechy, Will, Frank, Giles, Herculas, Doll, Jenny, Betty, Moll, Sall, Alice, Sarah.  [tradesmen] Frank, Will, Tom, Davy, George, Ned, George.  [Home House] Schomberg, Peter, Jack, Lewis, Arlington, Bacchus, London, Anthony, Winney, Sue, Kitt, Sarah, Frank, Daphne, Lydia, Phœbe.  [Ferry farm] Michael, Harry, Cæsar, Sam, Cupid, Jack, Peter, Moll, Lucy, Betty, Doll, Daphne, Hannah, Lucy.  [Muddy Hole] Will, Adam, Will, Morris, Kate, Nan, Sarah, Jenny. [Dogue Run] Morris, Matt, Bath, Jupiter, Robin, Bob, Walley, Hannah, Sue, Betty, Jone, Moll, Lucy.  [Mill farm] Davy, Robin, Sam, Judah, Moll, Jenny.

In all—82.



List of Tythables—in Fairfax Parish 10th—June—1772.

James Cleveland

Frederick, Essex, Ben, Natt, Will, Neptune, Abram, George, Schomberg, Dick, Ruth, Peg, Murria, Doll, Daphne, Cloe, Nan, Judah, Milly. In all—20.1


1The tithable list changed little from 1771. Jonathan Palmer and John Alton were listed here at the beginning among the other white workers rather than with the slaves on their respective plantations. Among the house servants, Winney, Sue, Kitt, and one of the slaves named Frank are no longer listed. Alice on the 1772 list is probably the Alce on the 1771 list. At Home House farm Joe and one of the slaves named Peter are missing, but eight new names appear: Kitt, Sue, and Winney (probably the house servants listed in 1771), Daphne, Anthony, London, Bacchus, and Jack. For the purchase of London and Anthony, see Cash Accounts for May 1772. At the Ferry farm, Jack and Peter (possibly the one listed at Home House in 1771) have been added. Muddy Hole remains the same except for the disappearance of Sam in 1772. Paul is no longer at Dogue Run in 1772, but the slaves at the Mill farm remain the same. The River farm in Fairfax Parish gained one new slave, Dick, in 1772.

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