George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jonathan Boucher, 22 May 1772

From Jonathan Boucher

22d May, 1772.

Dear Sir

I send Joe over on purpose to let you know that The Govr & Mrs Eden will not wait on you this Trip: Some unforeseen occasions call them again to Annaps sooner than They expected; they therefore desir’d Me to beg your Excusing Them at this Time. They still talk, if it be practicable, that they will visit you before Mrs Eden leaves the Country; but, of This shou’d I chance to get notice, as I probably shall, I shall find occasion hereafter to inform you.1 The Govr dines with yr Neighbr Mr Digges tomorrow, & sleeps at Mr Rozer’s, where I am again to meet Him. Shou’d You be quite at Leisure, & your Whale Boat be arriv’d, perhaps You may be tempted to try her. ’Squire Calvert alone accompanies Him.2 Mentioning this Gentleman’s Name, reminds Me of a request He made to Me, that I wou’d engage of You for Him & myself, thirty or forty Weathers, for Muttons, in the next Fall, if You shou’d then have so many to spare. I beg you to attend to This, & to give us the Preference to any other Chap: we will hereafter contrive about getting them over, if we can but have Them.3 I forgot too, in my Lr by Peale, to tell You from Mr S. Galloway, that He had sent You two Cases of excellent Claret (I have tasted it, & it really is good) to Mr Ignatius Digges’s I think each Case contains 6 Doz:, & I believe at 45 ⅌r doz: I guess you will have it carted down to Piscata.; & fetch it thence by Water: & if I can be made assisting to You, surely You will not hesitate abt commandg Me.4

With this vile Pen & ink, even were I not exceedingly hurried, I have some doubts whether you will be able to read what I attempt to scrawl: I will not therefore add a word more but that I am most truly Yrs &c.

J. Boucher


1Gov. Robert Eden did not make his visit to Mount Vernon until 17 to 21 Dec., without his wife.

2William Digges of Warburton Manor, across the river from Mount Vernon, was a frequent visitor. Henry Rozer (Rozier) and his wife Eleanor Neale Rozer also lived in Prince George’s County, Maryland. For the whaleboat that GW bought from Governor Eden, see Boucher to GW, 5 Mar., n.3.

3GW was unable to provide Boucher and Benedict Calvert with sheep (GW to Boucher, 23 May).

4See GW to Boucher, 21 May, n.2, 23 May, and GW to Samuel Galloway, 4 May. Boucher’s letter “by Peale” has not been found.

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