George Washington Papers

Cash Accounts, April 1772

Cash Accounts

[April 1772]

April  3— To Ditto [cards] £  5.15.0
9— To Cash received from Mr Edwd Charlton by his Wife, for Adam Stewarts Bill upon Collin Dunlop Esqr. & Son & Co. of Glasgow Jany 23d 1772 for £200 Sterg @ 20 prCt Excha.1 240. 0.0
26— To Cash receivd from Lund Washington on acct of Corn Sold 58. 3.6
To Ditto Receivd from Thos Bishop for Fish sold 2. 5.6
To Ditto receivd of the Treasury pr Colo. [Burwell] Bassett2 36. 9.3
28— To Ditto recd for Fish 1.12.0
1— By Cards 6.10.0
By Club two Nights at Mrs Campbells 0.10.0
By Postage of Letter 0. 1.0
2— By Cards 5. 0.0
By Club 0. 7.6
3— By Mrs [Jane Hunter] Charltons Acct against Miss Custis 1. 7.6
By Miss Davenports Acct agt Do3 2.15.3
5— By Charity 1. 0.0
6— By Mr [William] Rind for the Revd Mr [Jonathan] Boucher 0. 5.0
By Ditto for Colo. [George] Mason 0. 3.0
By Messrs Purdie & Dixon for Mr Bouchr4 2. 6.0
By Mr Baker Surgn Dentist5 4. 0.0
By a Concert Ticket 0. 6.0
By Club at Mrs Campbells 0. 5.0
By Cards 6. 5.0
By Doctr [William] Pasteurs Acct against Mr Custis 14.11.0
By Ditto against self 0. 8.6
By Mr [William] Prentis’s Acct agt Mr Custis 0.16.4
By Purdie & Dixon advertg Meetg Ohio Co.6 0. 3.0
7— By Cards 1. 5.0
By Club at Mrs Campbells 0. 2.0
8— B[y] Dinners & Clubs thereat, at Mrs. Campbells during my Stay in Willmsburg7 7. 7.6
By Mrs Charlton’s acct against Miss Custis 0.16.3
By Ditto for Mrs Washington 0.16.0
By Ditto for my Board there since the 1st of March 11. 0.0
9— By Sundry Play Tickets for myself & others whilst in Town 5.12.6
By Servants at different times 1. 2.0
By Expences at Southalls during my own & Servants Stay there 2.12.6
By Smith Shoeing my Horses 0. 5.0
By Colo. [Edmund] Pendleton for, & on acct of Jno. West8 2.10.0
By Charity 0. 6.0
10— By Servants 0. 8.6
By Ferriage at Ruffins 0. 3.0
By Expences at Todds bridge 0. 4.7
11— By Ditto at Hubbards 0. 6.8
By Cards [ ]
12— By Cash left with my Mother, to be given to my Bror Charles, to buy Corn for the upper Quarter on Rappk E: Jones’s9 8. 0.0
By ferriages at Hunters 0. 1.6
By Expences at Dumfries 0. 5.4
By Thos Bishops Expens. to Mr Custis 0. 6.7
17— By Cash receivd for Fish 1. 4.0
By Dominicus Havenor [Gubner] 3. 0.0
20— By John Alton 17. 0.0
By Christopher Shade 2. 0.0
By Club at Arrells 0. 6.3
By Doctr [William] Savage on Acct of Bryan Fairfax10 150. 0.0
27— By Thomas Williams 8. 0.0
By the Trustees of Colo. Bernd Moore pr Colo. [Burwell] Bassett11 100. 0.0
30— By Captn [John] Posey 2.10.0
By Cash given away 0. 3.9
By Sundries paid on acct of Colo. [Thomas] Colvils Este in order to obtain an Act of the Maryland Assembly, to empower his Exrs to make Deeds for the Maryland Tract of Land viz. To Edwd Tilghman Esqr. Speaker £6.0.0 (Md Cy) Upton Scott Clerk Upr Ho. 3. Jno. Duckett Clk lowr Ho. 3. [Total] 12. deduct 25 prCt 3.12 9. 0.0

AD, Ledger B description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 2, 1772-93, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 4–5.

2This was the payment to GW for two days of his attendance at the May–June session of the House of Burgesses in 1770, for his eight-day attendance at the July session in 1771, and for thirty-nine days in the March–April session in 1772, as well as for his travel allowances for attendance (Ledger A description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 1, 1750-72, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 303; Ledger B description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 2, 1772-93, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 30). See Memorandum, 27 April 1772.

3The 12 Nov. 1772 edition of the Virginia Gazette (Purdie and Dixon; Williamsburg) included the following advertisement: “Just imported, and to be Sold, by the Subscriber, near the Capitol, Williamsburg, Rich white Satins, plain and flowered, plain white Lustrings, striped and flowered ditto, striped and spotted ditto, coloured ditto, Shot ditto, black ditto, coloured rich Ducapes, coloured Sarceners for Summer Wear, fine white and coloured grounded Cottons, Trimmings of all Sorts, both Silk and Thread, Silver ditto, rich Satin quilted Petticoats, best Bombazeen, best Norwich Crape, Hat ditto, black Fans, white Silver-mounted Ivory and coloured ditto, best Gresham’s white, coloured, and black Satin Pumps, ditto Everlasting and Calimanco, Childrens ditto, white Silk Stockings, fine Cotton ditto, white and black Silk Gloves and Mits, white and coloured Kid ditto, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Pantheon Bonnets, Caps, Net Hoods, Purple and white Calicoes, Threads, Tapes, Silk Laces, Silk Ferrets, Persian Linings, black Gauze Riband, Lustring ditto, &c. &c. ‘signed’ Mary Davenport.”

4See Jonathan Boucher to GW, 5 Mar., and GW to Boucher, 4 May. Boucher never repaid this money, and GW wrote it off as a loss (Ledger B description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 2, 1772-93, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 49).

5John Baker (d. 1796), a surgeon dentist with a medical degree, practiced in England and on the Continent before coming to America in the mid— 1760s. He came to Williamsburg in 1772 but moved to Philadelphia during the Revolution. Baker was one of the first qualified dentists to practice in the colonies, and GW used his services a number of times after this, both in Williamsburg and in Philadelphia. By this time, GW was having serious problems with his teeth.

7Christiana Campbell’s receipt for this amount, dated 8 April, is in ViWC.

9On 13 Sept. 1771 GW “Agreed with Edwd. Jones to continue overseer at the place my Mother lives at [Ferry Farm] who is also to be constant in his attendance on the People he looks after (five in number) for which he is to be allowd the Seventh of Corn Wheat & Tobo.” (Diaries description begins Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig, eds. The Diaries of George Washington. 6 vols. Charlottesville, Va., 1976–79. description ends , 3:60).

11For GW’s consent to provide Bernard Moore with a long-term loan “to purchase Slaves for the immediate Support of his Family,” see GW to Moore, 23 Jan. 1771, n.2.

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