George Washington Papers

Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Property, 20 June 1768

Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Property

[c.20 June 1768]

A List of Tithables in Truro Parish—Fairfax—Also of the Wheel Carriages—given in June 20: 1768

George Washington

Lund Washington, Willm Skilling, Thos Davis. Ho. Servants: Breechy, Billy,1 Julius, Harry, Schomberg, Doll, Jenny, Betty, Moll, Sall, ⟨Phillis⟩, Kate, Winney, Sarah, Giles. Home Plantn: Joe, Jack, Ben, Jack, Arlington, George, Sarah, Frank, Lydia, Phœbe. Tradesmen: Will, Michael, Davy, Tom, George, Sam, Ned, Jupiter, Peter, Natt, George, Lewis. Doeg Run: Morris, Matt, Essex, Ben, Jupiter, Robin, Bob, Paul, Hannah, Sue, Betty, Jone, Moll. Muddy hole: Thoms Bishop, Will, Adam, Will, Sam, Kate, Nan, Sarah, Jenny. Mill Plantn: Jno. Alton, Davy, Ned, Robin, Judy, Lucy, Jenny. In all—70.

One Chariot 20/, One Chair 10/1.

List of Tithables in Fairfax Parish

James Cleveland [River Farm]

Frederick, Ben, Natt, Will, Neptune, Abram, Walley, Schomberg, Ruth, Peg, Murria, Doll, Cloe, Nan, Daphne, Judy, Milly, Sarah. In all—19.

1Billy may be GW’s new slave Mulatto Will whom he bought from Mary Smith Ball Lee in May of this year.

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