George Washington Papers

Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Land and Property, 16 June 1766

Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Land and Property

[c.16 June 1766]

A List of Tythables in Truro Parish—Fairfax County—also of Wheel Carriages—given in June 16 1766.

George Washington

Lund Washington, Walter Magowan, Thomas Davis. Ho. Servants: Breechy, Harry, Schomberg, Frank, Doll, Jenny, Betty, Moll, Sall, Phillis, Kate, Winney, Sarah. Home Plantn: Jack, Ben, Jack, Lewis, Sarah. Tradesmen: Jno. Askew, Will, Michael, George, Tom, Sam, Ned, Jupiter, Peter, Nat, George—Miller.1 Doeg Run: Morris, Mat, Essex, Stafford, Robin, Orford, Bob, Paul, Hannah, Betty, Sue, Lucy, Flora, Jone, Moll. Muddy hole: Thos Bishop, Will, Adam, Will, Sam, Kate, Nan, Sarah, Phoebe. Mill Plantn: Jno. Alton, Ned, Davy, Robin, Judy, Kitt, Lucy. In all—64.

1 Chariot 20/, 1 Chair 10/.

Tythables in Fairfax Parish

James Cleveland

Frederick, Ben, Cupid, Nat, Will, Neptune, Abram, Walley, Schomberg, Ruth, Peg, Murria, Doll, Cloe, Nan, Daphne, Judy, Molly, Jenny. In all—20.

Lands inlisted in the year 1766

Fairfax Cty 5318
Frederick 2498
King George 1250
Loudoun 275
Hampshire 240

1George was GW’s miller.

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