George Washington Papers

Joseph Davenport to Lund Washington, 22 November 1765

Joseph Davenport to Lund Washington

November 22d [1765]


according to Colo. Washingtons Derections I went to Frederick Town in order to inquire into the price of hemp and as I immagined a Sample would be necessary (and I wanted Some Trifles from there) I took 100 lb. for wch I got but 40/ and was informed that the Markett was not till Towards Spring & as Mr Cary has wrote to the Colo. I need Say no more only they liked the hem[p] Very well.1

I received the Letter you Sent by Carney2 tho. I did not See him therefore I could not answer it by him however the hogs are up there is 13 about a year old that I do not beleive will weigh over 70 apeice 3 Sows that are Large will weigh 170 apeice 20 Shoats and Sow that has 9 piggs that She is now weaning which I Suppose Carney will have.

I have been for Some time Engaged about my Corn (have made 132½ hogsheads & shall have it Lofted by Monday night) So that I have Broke but about 700 lb. hemp it is all Rotted but that wch Bore Seed and that is now in But I cannot pretend to Say what Quantity will be made nor when I Shall be done Breaking[.] the people have Somthing improved and believe I can break 1000 or 1200 Every fair week but at that Rate I Shall not be done by Christmas and I am Sure it will be high time Should be away by that time am as anxious to Get to the place intended for me as can be and Shall use all immaginable despatch to get done here[.] Voitlet’s Crop of wheat 670 Bushe. I Shall go to thrashing mine immediately & Mr Little at the Bloomery3 has agreed to give 3/ & Receive it on the plantation if it is approved of and I know that a great many Sells for 3/ & delivers at the Mills.

Connell has Brought down the Tobaco at last4 & I confess I am ashamed it was not done before notwithstanding I do not think I could have done it before without prejudice to Colo. Washington I realy did get no hasle nuts the Reason we had a very Early frost wch Occationed them to Drop Sooner then common tho. I Sent my people out one day when anyone that had not been in the Barrens would have thoght the might have been plenty. I had the ague too bad to go with them & they Retur[n]ed and Said the nuts were all fallen.5

I have been to Rutherfords6 Miller and he Blames a Deputy for the pacage of flour what is there he Says Shall be Repack’d and agrees that the wheat was Merchantable and that the acct of flour Shall be agreeable to Such and will See that it is. Am Sr yr Very Hbl. Sert

Joseph Davenport

P.S. I can get no body to hire that understand breaking hemp.

ALS, DLC:GW. Hamilton, Letters to Washington description begins Stanislaus Murray Hamilton, ed. Letters to Washington and Accompanying Papers. 5 vols. Boston and New York, 1898–1902. description ends prints this letter under the date 1772.

1Davenport’s account with GW shows the receipt in 1765 of £1.16 for “[Cash] Recd of Mr Cary for 100 lbs. of Hemp” (Ledger A description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 1, 1750-72, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 210).

2Letter not found.

3The bloomery, for turning ore into iron, was located about four miles above Keyes’s (Vestal’s) ferry on the right bank of the Shenandoah River. Little is probably William Little of Frederick County.

4GW’s tobacco accounts for 1765 shows no tobacco for 1765, but under the 1766 account he lists “To Crop in Frederick (old Tobo) . . . 1952 [lbs. net weight]” which he shipped aboard the Nautilus, John Boyes master, to Robert Cary & Co. (Ledger A description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 1, 1750-72, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 206, 233).

5Davenport’s account shows that he bought nuts in 1765 from “Negroe Harry” and Henry Huff for fifteen shillings (Ledger A description begins Manuscript Ledger Book 1, 1750-72, in George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. description ends , 210).

6Rutherford’s mill was on Evitt’s Run at what is now Charles Town, West Virginia. It was probably owned by Robert Rutherford whose home, Flowing Springs, was in the area.

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