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Enclosure: Invoice to Robert Cary & Company, 12 October 1761


Invoice to Robert Cary & Company

[Mount Vernon] October 12th 1761

Invoice of Sundry Goods to be sent by Robert Cary Esqr. and Co. for the use of George Washington—Virginia

800 Ells Oznabrigs 300 Yds best Cotton 4 pieces best Dutch Blanketting 2 pieces Fearnought 4 dozn pr very large Pld Hose 4 dozn pr of a Size Smaller 2 dozn pair for boys & Girls 2 pieces of Irish Linnen @3/6 1 piece ditto @2/ 2 pieces ditto @1/ 1 piece Irish Oznab: to be soft & white fitting for Negro Servt Shirt 1 piece of fine Cambrick @£5 1 piece course ditto 4 Yds fine Book Muslin @10/ 60 Ells strong bro: Sheeting

1 Groce bottled Porter to be Packd in Shavings 2 Casks good strong Beer in Bottles 50 Bags of Salt from Liverpool  1 Fifty Gallon Still with every thing compleat—the Worm and Pipe to be very good 2 Good Cheeses of abt 20 lb. each

5 M 2d. Nails 5 M 3d. Ditto 25 M 4d. Ditto 10 M 6d. Ditto 25 M 8d. Ditto 20 M 10 ditto 5 M 2 Brads 5 M 3d. Brads 5 M 4 Ditto 5 M 6 Ditto 3 pair flat Irons 6 Spring Stock Locks 6 best steel Garden Spades 1 dozn pr HL Hinges pretty large 6 Broad Axes 6 best drawing knives 6 large claw hammers 6 broad Chissels—Inch & ½ wide 12 Narrow ditto—Inch; & ¾ Inch do 6 Gouges 1 dozn Augers sorted 6 pr Steel Compasses 6 two foot Rules 1 dozn Chalk Lines 2 dozn box handled Gimblets 2 Bramble Scythes 1 dozn Scythe Stones 6 dozn blunt handsaw files 6 dozn Ditto Whipsaw Ditto

12 Loaves dble refind Sugar 12 ditto single Ditto Do 6 lb. best Hyson Tea 4 lb. good green Ditto A Case of Pickles 6 lb. best flour of Mustard 50 lb. White Bisquet 12 lb. Pepper 1 lb. Nuts1 ½ lb. Mace ½ lb. Cloves ½ lb. Cinnamon 1 Jarr of best Raisons 1 Ditto Currants 3 Pecks Almonds in the Shell 20 Groce best Corks

1 dozn breakfast Cups & as many Sawcers of China 1 dozn China Custard Cups 1 dozn China Tart Pans 10 lb. brown thread 1 lb. Nuns ditto—sorted 6 lb. Shoemakers Ditto  1 Groce Silverwashd Coat Buttons 1 Ditto Ditto breast—ditto to be plain and Cheap & almost flat topd 1 Diamond fixd for cutting Glass 6 Search Bottoms2 12 Course Sieves 1 dozn fashionable Pocket Handk. 1 Rheam good writing Paper ½ Rheam of the worst kind

1 M Needles sorted 6 Strong Cork Screws 1 lar: Iron Chafg Dish for Tea kettle 3 lb. fig Blue 1 lb. Powderd Do3  2 pair large Horse Scissars 2 pr neat Small Do in Sheaths 6 Rolls black. Ball 6 large hair Brooms 6 Mops 12 brass Thimbles—sorted 1 Groce wire Shirt buttons 1 Groce playing Cards 1 pr dice for Backgammon Tables

500 lb. white Lead ground in Oyl 100 lb. Spanish brown Do 10 Gallons Lamp Oyl

1 Black Satten Capuchin4 2 pair black Satten Shoes 1 pair white Sattin Ditto 2 pr Everlasting Ditto—all to be large fours 4 pair Womens fine thrd Hose 4 pair Do—fine Cotton Do 1 dozn pr kid Mitts—½ dozn pr Gloves 6 knots & breast knots  2 Cheap fashion[abl]e fans 2 french Necklaces 2 Egrets to suit Do 4 pieces diaper Tape for binding 2 pieces Narrow Ditto 4 M Miniken Pins 4 M short Whites 4 M Corkg Ditto

4 Gallon’s Rhenish Wine—in pint B. 3 Gallons Canary—in Ditto

8 Oz. Diascordium 8 Oz. Venice Treacle 8 Oz. Spirits Hartshorne 8 Oz. Salvolatili 8 Oz. Spirits Lavender 8 Oz. Liquid Laudanum 1 Quart Spirits of Wine 1 Quart Do Camphorated5 4 Oz. Camphire 8 Oz. Crude Opium6 2 lb. Jesuits Bark prepard7 1 lb. Ointment Marsh Mallow8 4 Oz. Salts of Salarmoniac 4 lb. Pearle Barley 4 lb. Sago 2 lb. Saloop9 2 Bushels good Tares

12 pair course strong Shoes for Servts—midling large 6 pair midling fine worstd Hose 6 pr Norway doe Gloves—above the middle size & to have long Finrs

for myself of Didsbury—4 pr Mens neat Shoes 2 pr Ditto pumps 2 pr Ditto Boots pr Mea[sur]e10

1 pair neat Silver Spurs Something proper for 4 Suits of Summer Cloaths for Servants—Buttns & all necessary trimmings to be sent with the Cloth

A proper kind of Drill Plow for Turnips—to be made by a good hand, light and well fitted A proper Hoe plow for Ditto 1 Neat Hogskin Saddle with a Saddle Cloth & Housing joind in one; the Cloth to be very good and of a light or light brown Colour—& to have a very small edging of Silver embroidery round it 1 Strong Portmanteau Saddle to be well fitted and to have a spare Mail Pillion 1 Good Portmanteau of a midling Size 1 Convenient Portmanteau Trunk also of middle size 1 pair of Stays of Jeans—pr measure sent 3 pair Leathr Shoes [and] 1 pair Callimanca Do—size 6s.

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ALB, DLC:GW. Robert Cary & Co. sent these articles with an invoice dated 10 April 1762, and GW acknowledged their receipt on 18 Sept. 1762. GW’s invoices of 12 Oct. 1761 for the goods he ordered for Mrs. Francis Dandridge and for John and Martha Parke Custis are in DLC:GW.

1Nuts may be nutmegs.

2A searce is a sieve or strainer.

3Powder-blue was powdered smalt, a cobalt-colored glass used in laundering or as a pigment.

4A capuchin is a hooded cloak.

5Camphor in rectified spirits was used as an antiseptic and balm.

6Crude opium, used in many stimulative medicines, was used also in antispasmodic medicines.

7Jesuit’s (or Peruvian) bark from the cinchona tree was used to treat malaria and other fevers.

8Ointment of marshmallows was used externally.

9Salep is a root from which a restorative tea is made.

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