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Memorandum List of Taxable Land and Property, May 1760

Memorandum List of Taxable Land and Property

[c.May 1760]

A List of Lands &ca given unto the Clerk of Fairfax County—in the year 176⟨0⟩

In Fairfax Coty Mt Vernon Tract &ca 2626
bot of Mr Clifton 1806
Frederick Cty sundry Tracts 2315
6747 @ 2 pr ct is £6.15
One Chariot 1.  
One Chair1 .10
£8. 5

Note Paid Mr John West Junr the above sum of £8.5.0 Taxes on the above Lan⟨ds⟩ and Carriages 28th July 1761 as will appear by his rect No. 2.

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LB, in GW’s hand, DLC:GW. See source note for Memorandum, 1758–59.

1A chair (or chaise) was a light vehicle drawn by one horse.

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