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Memorandum List of Tithables, May 1760

Memorandum List of Tithables

[c.May 1760]

A List of Tithables given in June 1st 1760—Fairfax County

George Washington

John Alton, John Askew—2. House Servants: Breechy, Jack, Nat, Schomberg, Doll, Jenny, Betty, Phillis, Moll—9. Carpenters: Will, Morris, Michael, Tom, George, Sam, Billy—7. Smiths: Peter, London—2. Home Plantation: Jack, Jack, Billy, George, Kate—⟨5⟩. Muddy hole Plantn: Richard Stephens—⟨1⟩; Dublin, James, Tom, Betty, Ruth, Grace, Phoebe, ⟨K⟩ate—⟨8⟩. Williamson’s Plantn: Robert Stephens1—⟨1⟩; Gregory, Neptune, Charles, Boson, Hannah, Cloe—⟨6⟩. Dogue Run Plantn: Jno. Foster—⟨1⟩; Jack, Cæsar, Cupid, Betty—⟨4⟩. Mill: Anthony, Betty—⟨2⟩ In all 4⟨8⟩.

N.B. paid Mr John West Junr July 28th 1761 The Taxes & County Levys for the above Tyths—as pr Rect no. 2.

Viz. 49 Taxables @ 5/ £12.5.⟨ ⟩
[49] Tyths @ 11 lbs. Tobo  539
also—pd Robt Boggess Parish Collr2 for [49 tithes] @ 20 lbs. [tobo]  980
1519 Tobo £12.5.⟨ ⟩

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LB, in GW’s hand, DLC:GW. See source note in Memorandum, 1758–59. The format has been changed here for printing.

On 19 Nov. 1760 the Fairfax County court set the levy for the following year and ordered the sheriff to collect 11 pounds of tobacco for each of 1,609 tithables (Fairfax County Minute Book, 1756–63, p. 595).

1Robert Stephens, son of Richard Stephens, was the new overseer of the land on Little Hunting Creek lately farmed by Benjamin Williamson.

2Robert Boggess (died c.1773) lived west of Mount Vernon near Pohick Creek.

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