George Washington Papers

Cash Accounts, May 1759

Cash Accounts

[May 1759]

May 4   To Ditto [cash] of Ditto [Col. Custis’s Estate]1 £406. 0.0
To Ditto of Ditto 3.10.0
To Ditto of Ditto 60. 0.0
To a Bill of Excha[nge] of Do for £40–9s. Sterg2 54.12.2
May 11th To Cash of Colo. Custis’s Estate 46. 7.6
May 4   By Miles Richardson 5/.  By Racing £4 4. 5.0
By my Wife 3£.  A Negro of Docr Symmes £603 63. 0.0
By 9 Negro’s bot of Colo. [William] Churchill4 406. 0.0
By a Bill of Excha. remitted Mr Rd Washington £40.9 Sterg. 54.12.2
May 9   By Cash pd Miles Richardson—pr Acct5 1. 4.0
By Ditto at Cards 0.17.6
By Ditto at Do 0. 3.9
16   By Expences at Combs’s6 0. 4.4 1/2
By Taxes Levies &ca pd Jno. Hardin Shff7 5. 5.0
By Cash lost at Cards 5. 0.0
By Do pd Jno. Messmore for A Mare bot8 12. 0.0
By Do gave Colo. Byrds Peter9 0.10.0
By Do pd my Acct with Greenfield10 2. 9.6
By Do pd Do with Mr Woodrow11 7. 3.6
21   By Do pd Do with Phil Bush12 9.12.6
By Do pd Jno. Spore13 10.0
By Do Exps. at Shannondoah14 5.0
By Do at Colo. Fx quarter15 2.6
24   By Richard Stephen’s to pay for Corn 16. 7.9
By Do to pay for Plank 6. 0.0
By lost at Cards 17.6

AD, General Ledger A description begins General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. description ends , folio 55–56.

1GW recorded on this date (see “Contra”) having bought nine slaves for £406.

3John Symmes was a well-to-do doctor and planter in Gloucester County.

4William Churchill was a planter in Middlesex County. See note 1.

5In a receipt dated 10 May 1759 Miles Richardson acknowledged with his mark receipt of this sum “in full [payment] of my Wages, and all other demands” (receipt owned [1983] by Mr. Jerry Granat, Hewlett, N.Y.).

6Joseph Combs operated a ferry across the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, and in 1759 he received a license to have an ordinary at his ferry landing. This and subsequent entries in these Cash Accounts indicate that after returning to Mount Vernon from Williamsburg shortly before 7 May, GW went up to Frederick County on about 16 May and returned home about 21 May. Governor Fauquier wrote the Board of Trade on 9 May that he himself intended to go up to Winchester in Frederick County the following day “to see the Troops raised by this Colony” (Reese, Fauquier description begins George Reese, ed. The Official Papers of Francis Fauquier, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, 1758–1768. 3 vols. Charlottesville, Va., 1980–83. description ends , 1:215–16).

7John Hardin was sheriff of Frederick County in 1758–59. Hardin’s receipt indicates that on 17 May he received from GW £5.5 “for fourteen Poll Taxes, Parish, and County Levies due for the year 1758” (receipt owned [1983] by Mr. Jerry Granat, Hewlett, N.Y.).

8A Peter Messmore (d. 1760) was a German settler in Frederick County.

9Col. William Byrd returned to Winchester in April to take command of the Virginia Regiment and was there as late as 4 June. Fauquier wrote Byrd in New York on 23 Jan. 1759 offering him the command of GW’s old regiment. Lt. Edward Hubbard of the Virginia Regiment wrote Bouquet on 9 Mar. from Winchester: “The Virga Assembly have Voted the Recruiting this Regt to a Thousand. And I hear offer’d the Command to Col. Wm Byrd. Col Washington has Recievd the thanks of the House for his Services—and is Resolv’d to have the Conduct of Lt Col Stephens examin’d, by the assembly intending to lay before them the many Crimes of which he is Accus’d—which will (perhaps) Require all his Dexterity to Elude . . .” (Stevens, Bouquet Papers description begins Donald H. Kent et al., eds. The Papers of Henry Bouquet. 6 vols. Harrisburg, Pa., 1951-94. description ends , 3:182–83). See the resolution of the House, 26 Feb. 1759. The House did vote funds for the Virginia Regiment, but there is no record of GW’s having called for an investigation of Adam Stephen’s conduct. Stephen continued as lieutenant colonel of the regiment and succeeded Byrd as its commander in 1761.

10This was John Greenfield to whom GW paid in June 1758 at Winchester, out of his military funds, £3 “for Hospital Rent 3 Months,” £2.15 “for an Express Horse Dammaged,” and £5 for “Horse Hire &ca” (Va. Regimental Accounts, 1755–58, DLC:GW).

11Alexander Wodrow, a Falmouth merchant, had been acting as a sutler for the Virginia troops for several years.

12Philip Bush was a merchant and tavern keeper in Winchester whose house GW had at times rented.

13John Spore hauled goods for Pennsylvania merchants to Winchester.

14See note 6.

15George William Fairfax owned land in Frederick County, including tracts along the Shenandoah River.

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