George Washington Papers

III-A–7. Account of Rents in the Estate, 1759


Account of Rents in the Estate


An Account of Rents

In Williamsburg John Warrington £20.  
Peter Scott 10.  
Thomas Weathers 10.  
George Chaplain 10.  
Andrew Lindsay 5.  
James Yates 5.  
In York County Emery Hughs 8.  
Abram Co⟨les⟩ 4.  
George Jo⟨nes⟩ 3.  
Jno. A⟨shwell⟩ (Ship Landg) 5.  
illegible Tobo 630 lbs.       
In Northampton illegible⟩ Smiths Isld 12.  
⟨Mockhorn Island⟩   1.10
Total amt 630 lbs. £93.10

There are besides, below⟨illegible⟩ unimproved Lotts in James Town ⟨illegible1

3 Mills vi⟨z⟩ 1 in New Kent 1 in Yo⟨rk co⟩un⟨ty⟩ & 1 ⟨In⟩ Ja⟨mes Cit⟩y calld the Paper Mill.

AD, ViLxW: Washington’s Account Book.

1“James Town” was probably followed by “and Williamsburg.”

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