George Washington Papers

III-A-3. Account of Items in the Estate Sold, 1759

Document III-A-3

Account of Items in the Estate Sold


Sale of the Estate
Appraisd at Sold for
£  s. d. £  s. d.
2 pair Andirons . 7.6 .15  
3 ⟨pr⟩ ditto Saddle Bridle &ca 10.     6.14.7
[1] pr ditto and 4 pots and Pot hooks 7.     2.    
[1] Basket Butter pot Cannister &ca . 4.  .13.6
illegible⟩ old Trustle Bed Tea Chest 4.13.  2. 7.5

D, ViLxW. In GW’s Account Book as reassembled, this is the verso of sheet 21, following the Account of Items in the Estate used by Mrs. Custis (doc. III-A–2). GW gives it the heading printed here. GW may have intended to make here a complete list of estate items sold but stopped after the fifth entry. For recordings of items sold, see doc. III-A–5 and appendices B and E./

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