George Washington Papers

Orderly Book, 15 November 1758

Orderly Book

[15 November 1758]

Camp at Loyal Hannon Novr [15]th 17581

B. O.

No Women are to March with Brigadier Washingtons Division & the Commanding Officer of each Corps are desir’d to se[e] these orders punctually Obeyd.

Camp at Chesnut Ridge2 Novr [ ].

Parole Aberdeen

Capt. McKenzie Capt. for the day who is to receive all reports relative to the Guards, & make a report to the Commanding Officer.

4 Subs. 4 Serjts & 84 Rank and file for the Guards[,] by way of Grand rounds each Sub. is to go visiting rounds at Such times as the Capt. shall direct.

All Dutys are to be done by Companies as far as the nature of the Service will admit off.

The two Companies of Artificers Coverd by the 2d Division of the 1st Virginia Regt3 are to begin opening the road to morrow at day break their baggage will follow when the line Marches. the Genl to beat at 7 in the morning—the Commanding Officer of each Corps to give a return at 7 OClock in the morning of the Number of persons who draw Provisions Specifying their Ranks and to be particularly Carefull that this return will be very Exact as it is to be Transmitted to the Genl.4

Capt. Fields is to give in a return of all the working Tools Including those that were brought up by Mr Bassitt. the greatest care is to be taken to prevent the Mens Arms from giting whet, the Officer of each Platoon is to be Particularly Attentive to this and to inspect in the nicest manner the order they are in every morning taking Care to have any drawn that he has any Suspicion off—No batmen is to Sling their Arms to their Horses but to Carry them in a Soldier like manner.

1These are GW’s orders to his brigade and were mistakenly dated 16 November. GW and the 3d brigade left Loyalhanna on the afternoon of 15 November. See GW to Forbes, this date.

2On this his first day on the march GW got as far as Chestnut Hill, about ten miles west of Laurel Hill and about six from Loyalhanna.

3For the way in which the 1st Virginia Regiment as well as the other corps, or elements, of the 3d Brigade were formed by GW into a number of divisions, see Orderly Book, 20 November.

4For this return, see GW to Forbes, 16 Nov., n.2.

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