George Washington Papers

Orderly Book, 25 October 1758

Orderly Book

[25 October 1758]

Camp at Loyall Hannon Wednesday October 25th—

Parole Chandois

Field Officer for to morrow Lt C. Hamilton.

Adjutant for to morrow 1st V. Regimt.

A General Court Martial to sit to morrow Morning at 9 OClock1 for the Triall of Lt Laughry of the 1st Battallion of Pensilvanians who is to be informd of it to prepare his defence.2

Colo. Washington President


Colo. Armstrong Colo. Burd
Lt Colo. Dagworthy Lt Colo. Lloyd
Majr Waddell3 Major Jameson

Deputy Judge Advocate Lt Thompson4

Lt Patterson5 & the other evidences To Attend the Court.

Lt Colo. Dagworthy is desird to send out Scouting Parties every day, who are to make Reports to him.

1See Forbes’s commission of 6 Oct. empowering GW to hold a general court-martial at Loyalhanna on 26 October.

2On 29 Sept. Col. James Burd reported from Loyalhanna to Bouquet, who had gone to Raystown, that he had “appointed a Court of the Line to Inquire into the Reasons of Coll: [Hance] Hamilton Confining Captn [Edward] Ward & the Ensignes [James] Pollock, & [Joseph] Armstrong, & inclosed you have the Report of the Court, Coll: Hamilton is Confined to his Tent under two Centinalls, & Lieut Lauchry [James Laughrey] to the Redoubt No 1 & they both shall Remain untill I hear from you” (Stevens, Bouquet Papers description begins Donald H. Kent et al., eds. The Papers of Henry Bouquet. 6 vols. Harrisburg, Pa., 1951-94. description ends , 2:545–46). These men were officers in the 1st Battalion of Pennsylvanians. Forbes’s commission to GW of 6 Oct. issued at Raystown to hold a general court-martial at Loyalhanna on 26 Oct. may have been connected with Bouquet’s receiving this report from Burd at Raystown. In any case, on 19 Oct., the day after Bouquet returned to Loyalhanna, Colonel Hamilton wrote Bouquet: “I should think it Ignorance & Disingenuity not to acknowledge I was wrong, & hope from Colonel Bouquets Honor, that this Acknowledgment may engage him to consider all the Incidents of that night as the effects of too Liberal a Glass, which you may take upon my Honor to be the true State of the Case, even next morning I remembered very little of what passed the night before” (ibid., 569–70). Even though Bouquet wrote General Forbes on 20 Oct.: “Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton wrote me a satisfactory letter, and that affair is terminated” (ibid., 578–81), Lieutenant Laughrey was now being tried “for forcing the Sentries placd upon Lt Colo. Hamilton and giving a Sword to Lt Colo. Hamilton who was a prisoner” (Orderly Book, 3 Nov. 1758). During the trial, on 28 Oct., Bouquet wrote General Forbes in vague but vehement terms about “the prevailing spirit in the army,” where “storms” were “gathering” and “beginning to break” among “men without education or principles” who “forget all decency.” He then went on to say this about the trial: “At the suggestion of some of the members of the courtmartial, they tried to send Colonel W—— and Colonel A—— to tell me what they are writing to you. For the notice which they had given to me about it, I sent thanks to them, but I did not want to receive them. Therefore, I know only vaguely that it is a complaint about what I did in arresting that officer and lodging him in a redoubt. You have seen the nature of his crime in the report of the officer whose guard he forced; and I believe today as then that if a man can force a sentinel for another man, it may be supposed that he would soon force him for himself; and that in such a case a man can no longer claim the prerogatives of an officer. Since things are on this footing, there is no longer a way of serving. I did not wish to pay any attention to the abuse which it is said this same man has vomited against me, calling me publicly a rasc[al], but since these gentlemen have embraced his cause, I shall be obliged with much regret and humiliation to thrust at him in my turn” (Stevens, Bouquet Papers description begins Donald H. Kent et al., eds. The Papers of Henry Bouquet. 6 vols. Harrisburg, Pa., 1951-94. description ends , 2:588–89). Forbes received at Stony Creek on 31 Oct. Bouquet’s letter and also one from GW (not found) enclosing the “General Court Martial” (Forbes to Bouquet, 31 Oct., ibid. 591). On 3 Nov. Forbes confirmed the court-martial’s acquittal of Lieutenant Laughrey (Orderly Book, 3 Nov. 1758).

3Maj. Hugh Waddell was the senior officer of the troops sent to Forbes from North Carolina.

4Lt. Nathaniel Thompson was in the 1st Virginia Regiment.

5Lt. William Patterson was in the 2d Battalion of the Pennsylvania Regiment.

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