George Washington Papers

Orderly Book, 24 October 1758

Orderly Book

[24 October 1758]

Camp at Loyal Hannon Tuesday Octr 24th

Parole Embden

Field Officer for to Morrow Lt Colo. Lloyd.1

Adjut. for to morrow the Highlanders.

Each Corps is to have a picquit in the following proportion and to March to the Grand parade at retreat beating every evening where they will receive their orders from the field Officer of the day.

S. S. C. P.2
R[oyal] A[mericans]
H[ighlanders] 1 1 18
1 V. 1 1 18
1 B.P. 1 1 1 25
2 [B.P.] 1 1 1 25
Marylanders 1 1 1 20
N. Carolineans 1 1 18
3 6 6 124

The Commanding Officers of Corps are desird to send to the Commanding Officer a return Signd by them of the Necessaries absolutely wanted to Equip their Men for the March.3

The Detachmts of 2d Virginia regt and of the 3d Battallion of Pensylvanians are to March back with the Empty waggons to morrow taking provisions for the 27th Inclusive.4 the rest of the Escort to Join their respective Corps.

If it does not rain to morrow the detachmt ordered Yesterday to parade at 8 OClock.

1Lt. Col. Thomas Lloyd was in the 2d Battalion of the Pennsylvania Regiment.

2See the chart and note 5, Orderly Book, 22 September. No numbers are given for the Royal Americans.

3There is in DLC:GW “A Return for Necessarys Wanting to Compleat the 1st Virga Regt Loyall Hannon Octr 26th 1758.” Needed were 40 coats, 86 jackets, 193 britches, 43 shirts, 57 shoes, 118 stockings, 50 blankets, 30 hats, 89 cockades, 3 shoe buckles, 102 knee buckles, 132 garters and buckles, 164 canteens, 71 haversacks, 58 knapsacks, 54 tents, 60 cartridge boxes, 63 bayonets, 60 belts and frogs, 68 gun worms, 176 pickers and brushes, 66 leggings, 10 spatterdashes, 73 combs, and 57 rollers. The return indicates how many of each of these things were required for each of the ten companies of the regiment.

4This is probably the detachment of the 2d Virginia Regiment which on 14 Oct. relieved the party from the 1st Virginia Regiment as the escort for the wagon train. See Orderly Book, 13 Oct., n.1.

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