George Washington Papers

Orderly Book, 4 October 1758

Orderly Book

[4 October 1758]

Camp at Reas Town Wednesday Octr 4th 1758

G. O.

Parole Falmouth

Colo. for to Morrow Colo. Montgomrie.

Field Officer for to Morrow Majr Peachy.

Adjt for to Morrow 1st Virginia.

1 Capt. 2 Subs. & 50 Men of the Pensylvania Regt to March to morrow as an Escort to Colo. Bouquet.1

1 Lt 1 Serjt & 30 Men of the 3d Battalln of Pensylva’s To March to morrow Morning at Guard mounting wth a proportion of Tools to repair the Roads to Loyal Hannon, the Officer to recieve his instructions from Colo. Mercer.

A Detachmt of Artillery to March for Loyall Hannon upon Friday next & to be Escorted with all the Troops belonging to the Pensylvania Regt & Compys of the Lower County’s in Camp.2

The Artificers of the Pensylvania Regt to Join their respective Corps this night & to March with their Battalions.

The Commissary is to take the Opertunity of this Escorts Marching to send to Loyall Hannon one hundred Bullocks.

Any woman suspected to be infected with the Venial Destemper to be sent to the Hospittal to be examind & those who are found disorderd are either to be kept in the Hospittal till Cur’d or Turnd out of Camp.

The Commanding Officers of Corps are to send in to the Major of Brigade the Number of Pair of Shoes that will be absolutely wanting to each Corps.

Detail for Guards3 C. S. S. C. P.
H. 1 2 1 35
1 Vs. 1 1 1 1 17
2 [Vs.] 2 2 29
1 2 5 4 81
Out Posts Provost
H. 1 3 4 67
1 Vs. 1 2 31
2 [Vs.] 1 2 3 1 54
2 6 9 1 152
H. 18
1 Vs. 1 8
2 [Vs.] 1 14
2 40

1Bouquet left Loyalhanna between 25 and 28 Sept. to meet with Forbes at Raystown. He may have begun his return to Loyalhanna as scheduled on 5 October. Forbes’s letter to Bouquet on 10 Oct. confirms that he was gone by that date.

2For an earlier version of this order, which was canceled, see Orderly Book, 29 September. It would seem the marching orders were for Friday 13 Oct., not Friday 6 October. See Orderly Book, 11 October.

3See the chart and note 5, Orderly Book, 22 September.

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