George Washington Papers

Enclosure V: Frederick County Poll Sheet, 1758, 24 July 1758

Enclosure V

Frederick County Poll Sheet, 1758

Poll taken in Frederick County 24th July 1758
Colo. T. B. Martin Colo. G. Washington Thos Swearingen Hugh West
Lord Thos Fairfax Fairfax
Revd Wm Meldrum Meldrum
Colo. Jas Wood Wood
Colo. Jno. Carlyle Carlyle
Adam Hunder Hunder
Fielding Lewis Lewis
Charles Dick Dick
Alexr Woodroe Woodroe
Robt Ashby Ashby
James Craik Craik
Isaac Perkins Perkins
Tho. Lemon Lemon
Alexr Vance1 Vance
Alexr Ogleby Ogleby
Peter Woolf Woolf
Char. Smith Smith
Philip Glass Glass
Paul Frouman Frouman
Isaac White White
Edmund Lindsey Lindsey
John Smith Smith
Tobias Burk Burk
Wm Cochran Cochran
Wm McKee2 McKee
Peter Stephens Stephens
Saml Isaacs Isaacs
Willm Russell Russell
Richd Foley Foley
George Hampton Hampton
Andw Blackburn Blackburn
Andw Calvin Calvin
Abra: Fry Fry
Jacob Fry Fry
Martin Cryter Cryter
Joseph Lupton Lupton
Jams Ballenger Ballenger
George Keller Keller
Josiah Ballenger Ballenger
Jno. Anderson Anderson
Job Pugh Pugh
Joseph Fry Fry
Benja. Fry Fry
Geo. Whitzell Whitzell
Jno. Snap Jr Snap Jr
Jno. Snap Snap
Simon Carson Carson
Danl Stover Stover
Nichl. Painceller Painceller
Peter Jordan Jordan
Thos Ashby Ashby
Aaron Jenkins Jenkins
Henry Stephens Stephens
Michl Poker Poker
Noah Hampton Hampton
Jacob Burner Burner
Jacob Strickler Strickler
Jno. Hasberger3 Hasberger
Jno. Bumgardner Bumgardner
Benja. Strickler Strickler
Christr Clack4 Clack
Willm Patterson Patterson
Davd Snodgrass Snodgrass
Jno. Glenn Glenn
Geo. Paul Paul
Char. Perkins Perkins
Davd Miller Miller
Isaac Evans Evans
David Chester Chester
Henry Funk Funk
Jams Wright Wright
Lawe Pence Pence
Saml Blackburn Blackburn
Thos Babb Babb
Jacob Cochener Cochener
Simeon Hiet5 Hiet
David Glass Glass
John Road Road
Charles Baker Baker
Jos. Thompson Thompson
Lawe Stephens Stephens
Robt Wilson Wilson
Robt Allan Allan
Wm Pickering Pickering
Henry Easton Easton
Jacob Moon Moon
Saml Beam Beam
Jno. Snodgrass Snodgrass
Revd Jno. Hoge Hoge
Martin Funk Funk
Reginald Baldin6 Baldin
Jos: Fossett Fossett
Geo. Wright Wright
Jacob Wright Wright
Richd Barber Barber
Jesse Pugh Pugh
Step: Hotzenbella Hotzenbella
Robt Rutherford Rutherford
Wm Evans Evans
Saml Fry Fry
James Vance Vance
Jno. Blair Blair
Thos Chester Chester
Geo. Hardin Hardin
John Cook Cook
Lews Smallsolfer Smallsolfer
Thos Louden Louden
David Vance Vance
David Wright Wright
Saml Vance Vance
Robt Marney Marney
Nichs Schrack Schrack
Andw Vance Vance
Jno. Bentley Bentley
Christr Windle Windle
Augusts Windle Windle
Jacob Bowman Bowman
Jos: Horner Horner
Geo: Bower Bower
Jno. Allan Allan Taylor7
Jams Wilson Wilson
Ulrich Stoner Stoner
Robt Wilson Jr Wilson Jr
Wm Wilson Wilson
Willm Lupton Lupton
Thos Ellis Ellis
Evan Thomas Thomas
John Dyer Dyer
Henry Biber Biber
Martin Black Black
Danl Johnston Johnston
Robt Steward8 Steward
Saml Pearson Pearson
Henry Cloud Cloud
George Pemberton Pemberton
John Vanmetre Vanmetre
Edwd Dodd Dodd
Jams Lindsey Lindsey
Thos Wilson Wilson
Robt Halfpenny Halfpenny
Philip Babb Babb
Nathl Carr Carr
Jams Burne Burne
Jacob Sower Sower
Dennis Bow Bow
Jona. Seamon Seamon
Jno. Houseman Houseman
Davd Dedrick Dedrick
Vale Windle Windle
Matthw Calman Calman
Joseph Funk Funk
Jams Hoge Jr Hoge Jr
Abra. Vanmetre Vanmetre
John Thomas Thomas
Godfrey Humbert Humbert
Jonas Hedge Hedge
Jno. Stickley Stickley
Thos Postgate Postgate
Jos: McDowell McDowell
Edwd Corder Corder
Morgan Morgan Jr Morgan Jr
John House House
Henry Heath Heath
Thos Reece Reece
Magnes Tate Tate
Thos Hampton Hampton
Jams Grinnen Grinnen
Willm Cromley Cromley
Thos Doster Doster
Thos Waters Waters
Edwd Griffith Griffith
Jos. Wilkenson Wilkenson
Wm Glover Glover
Jno. Sewell Sewell
Robt Cuningham Cuningham
Josh: Edwards Jr Edwards Jr
Jams Carter Carter
Willm Gaddis Gaddis
Jacob Reece Reece
Edwd Lucas Lucas
Robt Buckles Buckles
Joseph Glass Glass
John Taylor Taylor
Jno. Burden Burden
Henry Rinker Rinker
Jno. Stroud Stroud
Jacob Sebert Sebert
Jno. Funkhouser Funkhouser
George Henry Henry
Nichls Hanshaw Hanshaw
Robt Glass Glass
Owen Thomas Thomas
Jno. Keywood Keywood
Robt Haines Haines
Saml Odle Odle
Zebuln Tharp Tharp
Davd Morgan Morgan
Jacob Gibson Gibson
Geo. Bowman Bowman
Robt Johnston9 Johnston
Joseph Strickler Strickler
Christr Bealer Bealer
George Ross Ross
Thos Sharp Sharp
Patk Rice Rice
Edwd Rice Rice
Geo. Rice Rice
Wm McMachen10 McMachen
John Cromley Cromley
Joseph Calvin Calvin
Jno. Painter Painter
Jno. Hite Hite
Saml Littler Littler
Willm Baldwin Baldwin
Willm Chaplin Chaplin
Saml Taylor Taylor
Richd Fosset Fosset
Jos. Burden Burden
Josiah Pemberton Pemberton
Jams Loyd Loyd
David Shepherd Shepherd
Saml Baldwin Baldwin
Richd McMachen11 McMachen
Jno. Milburn Milburn
Jno. Vestal Vestal
Thos Hart Hart
Jacob Vanmetre Vanmetre
Jacob Cooper Cooper
Robt Worthington Worthington
Thomas Carney Carney
Jno. Arnold Arnold
Jno. Vance Vance
Jno. Lemon Lemon
Robt Harper Harper
Jeremh Smith Smith
Andw Longacres Longacres
Benja. Blackburn Blackburn
Jams Magill Magill
James Blare Blare
Wm Renalds Renalds
Jno. Small Small
Henry Brinker Brinker
Isaac Riddle Riddle
Jos. Langden Langden
Thomas Caton Caton
Jno. Dow Dow
Wm Cocks Cocks
Wm Ewings Ewings
Jams Knight Knight
Geo: Ml Louwinger Louwinger
Vale Crawford (Sworn)12 Crawford
Robt McCoy McCoy
Jacob Morgan Morgan
Fras Lilburn Lilburn
Jno. Armstrong Armstrong
Thos Shepherd Shepherd
Richd Mercer Mercer
Mayberry Madden Madden
Charles Barnes Barnes
Thomas Colson13 Colson
Stepn Johnston14 Johnston
John Colson Colson
Patk Duncan Duncan
Laughlin Madden Madden
Colo. Morgn Morgan Morgan
Lewis Stephens Stephens
Jams Hoge Hoge
Richd Morgan Morgan
Jno. Mendenall Mendenall
Thos Cordery Cordery
Jos: McCarmesh McCarmesh
Jos: Jones Jones
Jams Cromley Cromley
Jno. Beckett Beckett
Thos Cooper Cooper
Ralph Withers Withers
Jno. Chinoweth Chinoweth
Jno. Madden Madden
Jams McCarmack McCarmack
Saml Vance Vance
Henry Reece Reece
Jacob Miller Miller
Peter Stover Stover
Jacob Stover Stover
Willm Coil Coil
Willm Frost Frost
Jams Barrat Barrat
Jno. Jones Jones
Dennis Springer Springer
Thos Helms Helms
Willm Helms Helms
Jos: Parrell Parrell
Rd Stevenson Stevenson
Jno. McCarmack McCarmack
Jno. Leith Leith
John Wilson Wilson
Willm Barrat Barrat
Jno. Briscoe Briscoe
Jno. Wright Wright
Matthias Funk Funk
Geo: Huddle Huddle
Geo. Lochmiller Lochmiller
Jno. Ashby Ashby
Willm Roberts Roberts
Wm Roberts Jr Roberts Jr
Thomas Babb son of Philip Babb
Henry Moore Moore
Edwd Sniggers Sniggers15
Jos: Roberts Roberts
Geo. Bruce Bruce
Jos: Vance Vance
Geo: Farrar Farrar
Stephen Ashby Ashby
Henry Vanmetre Vanmetre
Robt Pearis Pearis
Henry Bowen Bowen
Wm Jolliffe Jr Jolliffe Jr
Thomas Babb Jr Babb Jr
Peter Babb Babb
Robt Warth Warth
Revd Jno. Alderson Alderson
Jno. Reed Reed
Robt Milburn Milburn
Edwd Mercer Jr Mercer Jr
Edwd Rogers Rogers
Anthony Turner Turner
Ellis Thomas Thomas
Jos: Babb Babb
Willm Stevenson Stevenson
Bryan Bruan Bruin
Anthy Turner Jr Turner Jr
Thos Pugh Pugh
James Carter Junr Carter Jr
Darby McCarty McCarty
Edwd Cartmell Cartmell
Isaac Foster Foster
Cornelius Ruddle Ruddle
John Fife Fife
John Parrell Parrell
Harison Taylor Taylor
John Buckley Buckley
Willm Mungar Mungar
Ulrich Rubble Rubble
Murty Handly Handly
Willm Miller Miller
Willm Carrel Carrel
Jams Catlet Catlet
Jacob Barrat Barrat
Lawe Snapp Snapp
Edwd Thomas Thomas
Thos Mason Mason
Frederick Conrad Conrad
Nichs Lemon Lemon
Geo: Nevill Nevill
John Harrom Harrom
Willm Calmes Calmes
Nathl Cartmell Cartmell
John Young Young
Robt Steward Steward
William Vance Vance
Martin Funk Funk
Jno. Fredk Vanfagen Vanfagen
Peter Perry Perry
Colo. Wm Fairfax Fairfax
Isaac Larew Larew
Jno. Hope Hope
Joshua Baker Baker
Jno. Grinner16 Grinner
Robt Lemon Lemon
Danl Stephens Stephens
Philip Poker Poker
Geo: Shade Shade
Richd Highland Highland
Christian Grable Grable
Jno. Nisewanger Nisewanger
Henry Loyd Loyd
Thomas Perry Perry
Josh Combs Combs
Wm Duckworth Duckworth
Jno. Sceene Sceene
Jno. Fossett Fossett
Wm Chambers Chambers
Thos Speake Speake
Azariah Pugh Pugh
Gabl Jones Jones
John Bailes17
Darby Murphy Murphy
Charles Buck Buck
Saml Pritchard Pritchard
Patk McDaniel McDaniel
Jacob Hite Hite
John Funk Funk
John Lindsey Lindsey
Willm White White
Simon Taylor Taylor
Isaac Hite
Jonathn Perkins Perkins
Lewis Moore Moore
Total  240 310 45 199

D, DLC:GW. At some point GW used this poll sheet to make his own alphabetical listing of the votes given for each of the four candidates (DLC:GW). In the few instances that GW spelled the name of a voter in a significantly different way from how it appears in the poll sheet, GW’s spelling has been supplied in footnotes. In order to fit the poll sheet on a page, the first name of each voter is given only once not twice as in the manuscript.

1Heading the list of the first thirteen voters, all of whom voted for GW, were the proprietor of the Northern Neck (Lord Fairfax), the rector of Frederick Parish (William Meldrum), and the founder and leading citizen of Winchester (James Wood) who was sitting in for GW at the table where the freeholders came to announce their choices for the two men to represent the county in Williamsburg. The next five men to vote were merchants, from Alexandria (John Carlyle), from Falmouth on the Rappahannock (Adam Hunter and Alexander Wodrow), and from Fredericksburg (Fielding Lewis and Charles Dick), all of whom were in Winchester to lend their support in the election to GW and, except for Wodrow, to Martin as well. Four of the next five freeholders to vote, all from Frederick County, included a former Burgess (Isaac Perkins), two men from large and prominent frontier families (Robert Ashby and Alexander Vance) whom GW had known at least since his days as a surveyor in the county in 1750–51, and a former lieutenant of a ranging company under GW (Thomas Lemen). The other man among the first thirteen voters was GW’s regimental surgeon (James Craik), who had come down from Fort Cumberland to give his support. Of the other prominent men who came to Frederick County to promote GW’s candidacy, two (George William Fairfax and Gabriel Jones) voted later in the day.

2GW wrote “McGee.”

3GW wrote “Harbinger.”

4GW wrote “Clark.”

5GW wrote “Hyatt.”

6GW wrote “Baldwin.”

7GW lists John Allan Taylor with the A’s, which perhaps indicates that the man’s name was Allan and that he was a tailor by trade.

8The names of Martin Funk, Samuel Vance, and Robert Steward appear twice.

9GW wrote “Jno.ston.”

10GW wrote “McMahan.”

11See note 10.

12Valentine Crawford’s right to vote must have been challenged. See 4 Hening description begins William Waller Hening, ed. The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619. 13 vols. 1819–23. Reprint. Charlottesville, Va., 1969. description ends 475–78 for the oath to be taken in such circumstances.

13GW wrote “Colston.”

14See note 9.

15GW wrote “Snickers.”

16GW wrote “Grinnan.”

17GW wrote “Baylis.”

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