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List of Officers, 1–24 October 1757

List of Officers

A List of Oficers & The Dates of their Commissions1

[c.1–24 October 1757]

their Names
Dates of Comns

Month  day  Year
their Names
Dates of Comns

Month  day  Year
their Names
Dates of Comns

Month  Day  Year
Mercer Augt   15  1755 McNeill Capt. Lieut. August   18  1755 Roy Jany   31  1756
Waggener Ditto   16  Ditto
Stewart Ditto   18  Ditto Bullett Ditto   20  Ditto Duncanson June   28  Ditto
Lewis Ditto   23  Ditto Steuart Ditto   21  Ditto Sumner Ditto   29  Ditto
Woodward Ditto   25  Ditto Blagg Ditto   22  Ditto Russell Ditto   30  Ditto
Spotswood Ditto   26  Ditto Lomax Ditto   26  Ditto Lawson
McKenzie Septr    4  Ditto Steenburgen Ditto   27  Ditto Speake July     10  1757
Campbell Ditto   30  Ditto Fell Resignd Ditto   11  Ditto
King Septr      3  Ditto Woodford Ditto   13  Ditto
Baker Ditto    4  Ditto Starke Ditto   25  Ditto
Gist Octr      1  Ditto Joseph Feint
Buckner June   29  1756 Coleby Chew Octr      1  Ditto
Dangerfield May     25  1757
Hubbard Ditto   26  Ditto
Milner Ditto   Ditto  Ditto
Flemming Ditto   Do   Ditto
Price Ditto   Do   Ditto
Thompson July    24   Ditto
Smith Ditto   25   Ditto
Weeden Ditto   26   Ditto
Crawford Ditto   27   Ditto

AD, DLC:GW. Internal evidence makes it clear that GW drew up this document after his return to Fort Loudoun from Mount Vernon on or shortly after 1 October and before he received Dinwiddie’s letter of 19 Oct. on 24 Oct. 1757.

1In a few instances slightly different dates of rank are given in other contemporary documents.

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