George Washington Papers

Memoranda, 3 August–17 September 1757


[Fort Loudoun, 3 August–17 September 1757]


Write him how desirous the Indns are of havg a Drum. I have promisd to get one or two for Atosite.1


Send up Wine for the Use of the Hospital.

Also Tin for the Publick Works.

Send up Mr Dicks Order to my Overseer3 for the Pigs.4

Mr Kirkpatrick

Write to him & know whether the two Sums given credit for by Captn Bell were really recd or a mistake & how the 100£ advancd Majr Lewis is to be accd for.5

Mr Lomax.

Know what was the Reason of his going away without acc[ountin]g for the Stopages from his Compy.6

Mr Speake

Know Why he did not render an acct of Exps. of the 5£ advancd him when he went after Deserters.7

Mr Bullet

Answer his Letter.8


Inclose him Waggener’s Letter.

Kennedy’s return—& my Letter to Dr Ross.

Acquaint him that I have recd 500£ of Mr Boyd.


Send him the remainder of the size Rolls.10

Doctr Ross’s answer to my Letter.11

A return of the Provisions on hand if Rutherford did not satisfie him.12

AD, NN: Washington Collection. See source note, Memoranda, 7 June 1757.

1See GW to Dinwiddie, 17 Sept. 1757 (first letter). Otacite (Otassity) was a title given the Cherokee chief Ostenaco.

2The Scottish merchant William Ramsay, who in September became the contractor to provide supplies for the Virginia troops in Frederick and Hampshire counties (see Ramsay to GW, 3 Sept. 1757), lived and had his business, as did other merchants, in the part of Alexandria that had been called Belhaven before its incorporation as Alexandria in 1749; but no letter from GW to Ramsay or any other Alexandria merchant referring to wine, tin, and pigs has been found.

3Charles Dick (1715–1782), a Fredericksburg merchant who was one of the commissaries for the Virginia forces in the Braddock campaign, continued to provide supplies for the Virginia Regiment for a while in the fall of 1755. The overseer referred to was probably Christopher Hardwick, GW’s overseer at the Bullskin farm in Frederick County.

4At the top of the next page of the manuscript following this entry are what appear to be GW’s jottings: “⟨L⟩andskip by 3 feet by 21½ Inchs. one Inch Margin ⟨illegible⟩ Alexandria—Captn McKay ⟨illegible⟩ Paper for my Rooms—Glass Locks—Landskip—Marble, Tables Chairs.” The items listed here are those GW ordered from Richard Washington, 15 April 1757. (See particularly his Invoice enclosed in the letter.) Most of them are included in Richard Washington’s Invoice of 20 Aug. 1757. On 10 Sept. GW wrote Richard Washington that Capt. James Mackie was soon sailing with some of GW’s tobacco, and apparently he repeated his order of 15 April fearing that it had been lost.

5No letter to John Kirkpatrick has been found, but Kirkpatrick on 17 Sept. 1757 acknowledges the receipt of a letter from GW. He makes no mention of the accounts of either David Bell or Andrew Lewis, however.

6Lt. John Edward Lomax of Robert Spotswood’s company in the Virginia Regiment was among those ordered to Augusta County on 29 July 1757 with Maj. Andrew Lewis. No letter to or from Lomax for this period has been found.

7Dated 11 July 1757 in Va. Regimental Receipt Book, 1755–58 (DLC:GW), and signed by George Speake, is this receipt: “Receiv’d from Colo. George Washington five pounds Virga currency to defray the Expences of myself and Party sent out in pursuit of Deserters—an acct of which, I hereby promise to tender.”

8The most recent letter found from Thomas Bullitt was dated 24 Mar. 1757, and on 24 July 1757 GW wrote to Bullitt in response to “two or three letters from you and Ensign [William] Fleming.” No later letters from GW to Bullitt in 1757 have been found.

9In GW to Dinwiddie, 17 Sept. 1757 (first letter), GW does not mention enclosing a letter from Thomas Waggener and no letter from Waggener has been found. GW does indicate that he enclosed both David Kennedy’s return, which is in DLC:GW, and his letter to David Ross, probably that of 6 Sept., and that he had received £500 from Alexander Boyd.

10This has not been crossed out. See GW to Dinwiddie, 3 Aug. 1757, n.3.

11GW wrote Dinwiddie on 17 Sept. (first letter) that he was “hourly” expecting an answer from David Ross. Ross did not write until 28 September.

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