George Washington Papers

Memoranda, 6–10 July 1757


[Fort Loudoun] July 6 [1757 - 10 July 1757]

The Speaker1

Write to him that upon settling an acct with Colo. Carlyle of this date there appeard to be a ballance of £186.9.2 – ½ justly due him for Sundry Services done, and necessarys furnishd for the use of the Publick witht havg any connection with other accts—whether am I to pay the acct or not he is uneasy abt the Payment.


Whether is Jenkin’s to be continu’d as post—& how is he to be pd if continud.

A Copy of the Mutiny & Desertion Bill—& what reward is offerd for Desertrs.


Know if the Overplus of the money sent me for enlisting the Drafts may not be appropriated to other uses.

Also desire him to send the Balle of Captn Mercers acct.

Examine his two Letters to me & answer such parts as require it—one of his volunteers deserted.

Look at Mercers Letter & Inclose Mr Palmers Certificate.

What rewards are offerd for Desertrs.


Order the Serjeants of each Company to devide the Men into Squads each takg the care of one & to see that the Men of their Squad have their necessarys their Cloaths & their Arms & Accoutrements always in good Order or answer for the neglect.


Write to him about Cloathing the Regiment.

Mr Lewis5

Write to him for Salt—Molasses.

To get Notes for my Tobo of the Inspecters at Falmouth—& send me an acct of their weights.

that his Overseer has receivd Money of the Comy for Pork.

Mr Digges

He strongly recommends Henry Barradale for the Office of Serjt or Corpl when he is qualified have him promoted.6


The Men are always to be provided with three good Shirts & two good pr of stockgs. they are to preserve from wareing their Regimental Cloaths & are always to go Neat & clean.

Out Posts.

Are to send Serjeants or Corporals or some of their best drill Men to this place to be perfected in their Exercise.

Every Comg Officer neglecting to Train, & Discipline his Officers & Men shall be arrested & tryed for Disobedience of Order⟨s⟩.7


write him the Contents of Colo. Stanwix’s Letter.

AD, NN: Washington Collection. See source note, Memoranda, 7 June 1757.

3See note 1.

4See note 1.

5No letter to Fielding Lewis written in the summer of 1757 has been found.

6This entry has not been struck out, and no letter has been found from Dudley Digges (1718–1790). Digges was a burgess from York County and a member of the committee appointed by statute in 1756 to oversee the expenditure of funds for the Virginia Regiment (7 Hening description begins William Waller Hening, ed. The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619. 13 vols. 1819–23. Reprint. Charlottesville, Va., 1969. description ends 9–20). Augustine Moore, clerk of the York County court, certified on 24 June 1757 that “Henry Burradell [Barradale] did inlist” (DLC:GW). No record of Barradale’s promotion has been found.

8See note 2.

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