George Washington Papers

Memoranda, 29 June 1757


[Fort Loudoun] 29th [June 1757]

Detach’d Posts

To use every endeavour to learn their Men to shoot well & be good Marksmen.1

Draughts 29th

Choose out of them a number that have been well usd, & practisd in shooting let them be likely Men.

Majr Lewis2

desire him and the Officers to encourage and treat the drafts kindly that they may not at first imbibe any prejudices &ca to the Service.


Each Company in it is to have the Men’s names & No. of the Company markd upon all their Ammunition Cloaths & Accoutrements.

Mr Kirkpatrick

Ask him if the Committee did not agre to pay half Ferriages for all Soldiers who shoud cross at any.3

Majr Lewis4

Keep exact Copys of all the receipts he gives for Drafts & to receive no old ones.


Look at Woodwards Letters especially those of the 28th June5 to inform his Instructns.


I have told many People who have accts against Indians—that your Honr observd they shoud be paid when proper Vouchers were producd—they want to know by whom they are to be paid & complain Grieviously if they are obligd to go all the way to Wmsburg with every acct this wd run away with the whole profit of some & be a means of preventing any Person for the future advancing any necessarys for them upon the most urgent occasion—If I may presume to advise it shoud be that some Person here shou’d take in & adjust all accts that might be brot & when he had done this he might then wait upon yr Honr with the proper Vouchers.

Lieutt Eustice has resignd.

That 12 Drafts came to this place from Prince Wm and immediately after receivg Cloath’s &ca 4 of them Deserted.

Hog. als. Flemming

Send him the amt of his acct

Robt Johnston.

Send his money for a Gun by Mr Boyd

Hog als. Bullet9

Send his acct—2.12.


Write to him abt the money Captn Mercer advanc’d for Skins &ca viz. two Rects one of 24.12.9. the other 6.12.6 & hold the rects he promisd to give a Warr[an]t on the Speaker when I was down for it but their was no money in the Treasury. } 31:5:3

AD, NN: Washington Collection. See source note, Memoranda, 7 June 1757.

3No letter to John Kirkpatrick has been found in which GW asks about paying ferriage, but see GW’s inquiry about this in his letter to John Robinson, 5 Aug. 1756.

4See note 2.

5No letters to or from Henry Woodward in June 1757 have been found, but see GW to Thomas Waggener and GW to Woodward, both 29 July 1757.

7This entry was not marked out, and there is no entry in GW’s account to indicate that GW settled William Fleming’s account before the end of 1757. See note 9.

8On 9 July 1757 GW entered in the Virginia Regimental Accounts the payment of £4 7s. 6d. to “Doctr Robert Johnston his Accot allowed by the Committee for a Fusee taken from him for one of the Cattawba Warriors” (1755–58, DLC:GW).

9GW wrote Lt. Thomas Bullitt on 24 July 1757 that he had “received two or three letters from you and Ensign [William] Fleming,” the two junior officers in Peter Hog’s company, but no letter in 1757 from Fleming has been found and none from Bullitt since 24 Mar. 1757. See, however, Memoranda, 7 June 1757. In his letter to Bullitt GW wrote that he had “several small accounts amounting to £2.12. which you sent me down.” He promised to send the money to Fort Dinwiddie by Maj. Andrew Lewis; and this entry, dated 26 July, appears in GW’s Regimental Accounts: “By paid Ditto [Major Lewis] to pay Lieut. Bullett Sundrie Disbursements allowed by the Committee May 13th—2.12.” (1755–58, DLC:GW).

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