George Washington Papers

Memorandum, 16 June 1757


Fort Loudoun June 16th 1757.

The following account sent to Colo. Stanwix and Governor Dinwiddie together with the Council of War.1

The number of men fit for Duty in the Virginia Regiment, exclusive of the Detachment gone for Carolina—where stationed, and the distance of each Garrison from this place.

Men Miles
At Fort Loudoun 100
At Maidstone 60 distance 36
At Edwards 16 do 22
At Pearsals 35 do 50
At Fort Pleasant 30 do 70
At Butter-milk Ft 28 do 78
At Harness’s Ft 27 do 81
At Powers Mill 28 distance 90
At Vass’s 60 do 210

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