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List of Officers in the Virginia Regiment, 26 May 1757

List of Officers in the Virginia Regiment

[c.26 May 1757]

Ct. Hogg Augt 14th 175⟨5⟩ Lt McNeil Augt 175⟨5⟩ 18th Ct. Mercer 15th Lt Starke 19 Ct. Waggoner 16 Lt Bullett 20 Ct. Steuart 18 Lt Stewart 21 Ct. Cocke 19 Lt Blagg 22 Ct. Savage 20 Lt Fraizer 23d Ct. Bronaugh 21 Lt Eustace 25 Ct. Mercer 22 Lt Lomax 26 Ct. Lewis 23 Lt Steenburgen 27 Ct. Woodward 25 Lt Williams 28 Ct. Spotswood 26 Lt Brokenburg 29 Ct. Harrison 27 Lt Campbell 30 Ct. Chs Lewis 30 Lt Hall Septr—1st Ct. Peachy Septr—1st Lt Lowry 2d Ct. Bell 3d Lt King 3 Ct. McKenzie 4 Lt Baker 4 Ensigns Buckner Aug. 18th Thompson 27 Polson 19 Stephens 28 Dangerfield 20 Hedgman 29 Hubbard 21 Carter 30 Dean 22 Smith Septr 1st Milner 23 Dekezer 2 Fleming 25 Gordon 3 Price 26 Weeden 4

May 26th 1757

Ensigns Hubbard & Price appointed Lts but to rank after Dangerfield & Fleming—This List is according to the Old Regulatn I know not wt Alterations may have been made since. I am Your most humble Servant1

Wm Withers

ADS, DLC:GW. Dinwiddie’s clerk, William Withers, may have enclosed this in Dinwiddie to GW, 23–27 May 1757.

1After the Virginia Regiment was reduced earlier this month (see Dinwiddie to GW, 16 May 1757, two letters), a number of these lost their captaincies and resigned, as did several of the junior officers in the weeks following. See GW’s List of Junior Officers in the Virginia Regiment, Enclosure I, GW to Dinwiddie, 12 June 1757.

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