George Washington Papers

After Orders, 17–19 December 1756

After Orders

[17–19 December 1756]

After Orders.

The Quarter-Master is immediately to provide Quarters for 42 Recruits which will be in town this evening: and to procure a room for 8 Indians, that they may be separate by themselves.1 Victuals to be dressed for the whole, and to be ready against their arrival.


1These recruits are the servants that John McNeill recruited in Augusta County; and the eight Indians were “6 Cherokees and two Squaws” escorted by Richard Pearis up to Winchester from Augusta County where he had brought them in October (GW to Dinwiddie, 19 Dec. 1756). For McNeill’s recruiting of servants, see especially GW to McNeill, 7 Dec. 1756. On 22 Dec. GW made a payment to Michael Laubinger (Lawbinger), who ran an ordinary in or near Winchester, “for the Cherokees” (Va. Regimental Accounts, 1755–58, DLC:GW).

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