George Washington Papers

Orders, 9–13 September 1756


Parole: Maryland.

[9, 10, 11, 12, 13 September 1756]
Winchester, Thursday 9th September, 1756.

Parole: Norfolk.

Winchester, Friday 10th September, 1756.

Parole: Oswego.

Winchester, Saturday, 11th September 1756.

Michael O’Neal, recruited by Ensign McCarty, and John Reeves, Thomas Hartley, John Wilcox, recruited by Captain Mercer; were reviewed and passed.1

Parole: Peru.

Winchester, Sunday 12th September, 1756.

Parole: Quiloa.

Winchester, Monday 13th September, 1756.

A Court martial to sit immediately, at 10 o’clok, to try all prisoners that shall be brought before them.


There is no evidence that GW was at Winchester after 8 Sept. until his return from Mount Vernon on 27 September. GW’s entries in his Ledger A, 13, suggest that he had arrived at Mount Vernon by 13 Sept. and confirm that he was there by 16 September. Presumably the daily orders issued at Winchester between 9 and 13 Sept. and thereafter until after his return on the night of 27 Sept., all of which appear in GW’s letter book and are printed here, were in fact written and issued by GW’s aide-de-camp George Mercer.

1Michael O’Neil of Frederick County was still in the Virginia Regiment as late as October 1757 when he was listed in Robert Spotswood’s company. A Thomas Hartley was in William Peachey’s company of artificers working on the construction of Fort Loudoun during 1756. A John Reeves served five years in the Virginia Regiment and was discharged when the regiment was disbanded in 1762.

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