George Washington Papers

Orders, 21–22 June 1756


Parole: Alexandria.

[21, 22 June 1756]
Winchester—Monday, June 21st 1756.

The Rolls of Captains Harrison and Woodwards companies—setting their age, size, place of Birth, complexion, occupation, &c. to be ready for Colonel Washington by four o’clock this afternoon.1

Parole: —Merit.

Winchester—Tuesday, June 22d 1756.

When the Draughts are drawn out to Exercise this Evening, the Adjutant is to read the articles of war to them; and to be particular in explaining those against Mutiny, Desertion, Drunkenness, and neglect of Duty.

The Officers who marched the Draughts from Fredericksburgh, are to make out pay-rolls for the Detachments;2 from the day of their being draughted, to the first of July: If they do not know the time of their being draughted, they will receive one months pay for each man, until the time can be fixed upon.


1No size rolls, or muster rolls, of this date for companies in the Virginia Regiment have been found. Size rolls dated 13 July 1756 for both Henry Woodward’s and Henry Harrison’s companies are in DLC:GW, however, as are rolls of the same date for the companies of captains David Bell, William Bronaugh, Thomas Cocke, Christopher Gist, Charles Lewis, Joshua Lewis, Robert McKenzie, William Peachey, Robert Spotswood, and Lt. Col. Adam Stephen. During 1756 there are also in DLC:GW size rolls for Robert Stewart’s company, dated 11 May, 30 July; for GW’s, 1 Aug.; for George Mercer’s, 2 Aug.; and for Thomas Waggener’s, 19 Sept. A second roll for Bell’s company is dated 11 May. All the companies of the regiment are accounted for except Peter Hog’s 1st company at Fort Dinwiddie in Augusta County, for which no size roll dated in 1756 has been found. A size roll for a company was supposed to, and usually did, give for each soldier in the company the date and place of his enlistment, his age, height, the colony or country of his origin, his occupation or trade, and a brief description of his appearance. See the size roll for GW’s company, dated 1 Aug. 1756.

2No such payrolls have been found. For reference to the parties of recruits reporting to Fredericksburg, see Dinwiddie to GW, 8 May 1756, and, especially, Orders, 2 June 1756, n.2.

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