George Washington Papers

Memoranda, 16 May 1756


[Winchester, 16 May 1756]

A copy of the foregoing Instructions was given to Lieutenant Thomas, of the Orange Militia; only he was ordered to Mendenhalls’ Fort.1

A copy of these orders also given to Lieutenant Bebb, of the Louisa Militia; who was ordered to Henry Enocks’s.2


1This memorandum follows immediately, in the letter book, GW’s instructions to William Woodford. Lt. Cornelius Thomas (d. 1775) of the Orange County militia served with the Albemarle militia in 1758, and from 1761 to 1771 he represented Amherst County in the House of Burgesses. Two sergeants and twenty-five men were supposed to march to Mendenhal’s with him (Orders for the Militia, 15 May 1756).

2Lt. Thomas Bibb was first lieutenant in Capt. Joseph Fox’s company of volunteer rangers from Louisa County in 1755.

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