George Washington Papers

Orders, 14 May 1756


Parole: Orange.

Winchester, Friday, May 14th 1756.

As Colonel Washington has received some advices from Conogochieg; which render the march of the party of militia ordered yesterday, unnecessary—Those Orders are countermanded:1 and the Militia are not to march until Colonel Washington receives farther advice from the Governor.

After Orders.

All the Field Officers of the Militia are desired to attend at Colonel Washingtons Quarters, at half an hour after three, this Afternoon.


1This refers only to the After Orders of 13 May, which would have sent a large party of militia “upon the Scout,” and not to the other orders of that date, including those to Thomas Newgent to join Henry Peyton’s party of militia on Patterson Creek. What the “advices” from Conococheague were is not certain.

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