George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Thomas Newgent, 13 May 1756

To Thomas Newgent

[Winchester, 13 May 1756]

To Lieutenant Thomas Newgent. of the King-George-County Militia.

You are hereby Ordered, with the Detachment under your command, to proceed to join Colonel Henry Peyton and his party of Militia, with the utmost expedition; and take your Orders from him.

Acquaint him that it is my desire, he leave you and your party in one of these Forts, he is ordered to reinforce.1

While you remain in the Fort, you are to take your orders from the commanding Officer there; and to be assisting in scouring the woods. I am &c.



1It was decided on 13 May 1756 (Memorandum respecting the Militia) that Newgent with two sergeants and twenty-five men should be stationed at John Ashby’s fort on Patterson Creek. On 16 May GW instructed Henry Peyton to give Newgent orders to this effect. In July GW ordered Newgent and his men to John Parker’s on the South Branch to help with the harvest in that area (GW to Robert McKenzie, 13 July 1756).

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