George Washington Papers

Orders, 5 May 1756


Parole: Essex.

Winchester: Wednesday, May 5th 1756.

A Court Martial to sit immediately for trial of John Grant, Drummer; Sergeants Richardson, Talman, and Whitecotton; and Timothy Conner, private.1

Three Subalterns and two Sergeants to go immediately in pursuit of Corporal Thomas, Deserter.2

Horses are to be hired or impress for this Duty.


1Recruited at Williamsburg in December 1754 by Robert Stewart, John Grant in July 1756 was a 20–year-old Irishman in Thomas Cocke’s company. George Whitecotton, a Virginian who enlisted in Stafford County in 1755, was a sergeant in Henry Woodward’s company in July 1756. An Ezekiel Richardson was ordered to stand court-martial on 17 May, and Timothy Conner was ordered tried on 3 June.

2For information on James Thomas, his trial, conviction, and pardon, see Orders, Court-Martial, and GW to Adam Stephen, all 18 May, GW to Dinwiddie, 23 May, and Dinwiddie to GW, 27 May 1756.

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