George Washington Papers

Court-Martial, 2 May 1756


[Winchester, 2 May 1756]

A Commission, after the Form of that to Captain Stewart, was given to Captain Woodward. The Court met—vizt

Captain Woodward, President.

Captain Spotswood } { Captain Harrison
Captain Lewis Members Lieutenant Blagg
Lieutenant Bullet Lieutenant Eustace
Lieutenant Lowry Ensign McCarty

After hearing the Evidences for and against Sergeant Nathan Lewis’s Behaviour—The Court was divided; and could come to no Determination.

Henry Woodward.

After examining the Evidences for and against Matthew Fling, and George Clarke, Soldiers; confined for throwing away their arms—The Court are of opinion, that from their good Behaviour in the Engagement, they did not designedly throw away their musquets—but lost them unfortunately in the Retreat.1

Henry Woodward.


1Matthew Fling, a 29–year-old man from Fairfax County, enlisted in the Virginia Regiment in December 1754 and in January 1756 was in Charles Lewis’s company. By August 1756 he was a soldier in George Mercer’s company. George Clark, an English shoemaker, was recruited in Petersburg in December 1755 by Capt. Thomas Cocke. In July 1756 he was a corporal in Cocke’s company.

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