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George Mercer to Robert Rutherford, 16 April 1756

George Mercer to Robert Rutherford

[Winchester, 16 April 1756]

To the Commissary.

It is Colonel Washingtons Orders that you (as soon as you conveniently can) give in an exact Return of all the Stores of what kind soever you have in charge. In this Return you must be very particular.1 If you have occasion for any of the Sergeants to assist you; apply to Captain Peachy for one.2

G:M. Aid de camp.


1As assistant commissary Robert Rutherford made a return of stores at Winchester on 18 April, in which he listed in chart form, the following items: “Musketts wanting Rammers Some out of Repair, 77; Rusty Bayonetts, 142; Baggs Muskett Ball, 1; Cross Cut saws, 3; Handsaws, 4; Whip Saws, 6; Neats Leather Sword belts, 486; Small Blanketts—much worn, 82; Barrels of Beef & Pork, 18; Barrels of Flower, 19; Boxes of Canteens, 3; Casks of shirts (Large), 1½; Sledge Hammers, 4; Iron Wedges, 9; Broken Musketts, 15; Boxes Muskett Ball, 12; Foot Addzes, 2; Baggs Pease Damaged, 12; Camp Kettles, 3; Casks of Stockings (Large), 2; Hatts, 81; Baggs Beans, 14; Casks of Nails, 1; Large Bails Dutch Blanketts, 4; Bails small White Blanketts, 2; Loose Shirts, 23; Loose pairs Stockings, 11; Baggs Musket Ball, 1; Large casks Shoes—I.D N.2, 1½; Croe Bars, 4; Barrels of Powder, [ ]; Bushels of Salt about 90; Bushels Indian Corn, 27½; Caggs of Indian Bar Lead, 3; Chests of Arms, 4; Tents, 12; Reams Coarse Cartridge paper, 3; Remes fine Cartridge paper, 1; lb. Bar Iron, 2292” (DLC:GW).

Attached to the inventory was the following note: “N.B. There is also a Cask Containing 150 Shirts—and about the Same Number of shoes & stockings the Powder is [in] the Guard House the Casks of Shirts Cant Contain Less than 400 Each & the Casks of shoes & stockings Near the same—The Bales Dutch Blanketting about 60: Each.”

2William Peachey (Peachy; 1729–1802) was a captain in GW’s Virginia Regiment from September 1755 until July 1757, and he served in the 2d Virginia Regiment during Gen. John Forbes’s expedition in 1758.

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