George Washington Papers

George Mercer to Reuben Vass, 15 April 1756

George Mercer to Reuben Vass

[Winchester, 15 April 1756]

To Sergeant Reuben Vass—of the Virginia Regiment.

You are hereby Ordered with your party to escort a Waggon with provision, &c. to Joseph Edwards’s, for the men there.

You are to be particularly careful, that nothing is taken or lost out of the Waggon, while under your care; as a particular account will be transmitted to Captain Mercer of the load—and you are to be as expeditious as possible in getting up. When you arrive there, you are with your party to join that, under the command of Captain John Mercer.1 Given at Winchester, April 15th 1756.

G:M. Aid de camp.


Reuben Vass from Essex County was about 24 years old. He enlisted in the Virginia Regiment on 16 Sept. 1755, and a month later his name appeared on Capt. William Peachey’s company payroll as a sergeant. He served in the regiment throughout the war, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant.

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