George Washington Papers

Orders, 9 April 1756


Parole: Bedford.

Winchester: Friday, April 9th 1756.

A Regimental Court Martial to sit immediately to enquire whether John Hogan, and William Bond, are guilty of the crimes laid to their charge—and to try the Sentinel, who let William Field, who was confined for desertion, escape from the Guard. Captain Peachy, President.1

The Officers to see that the Recruits now in Town are exercised twice every day: They are to order all the men to appear under arms at Retreat2 and Revilé Beating; to have the Rolls called and see that they have their arms and ammunition in good order. The Troops now in this Town are to receive three days provision, at ten of the clock this Day. John Bruner, of the Troop of Light Horse, having deserted, and procured another man to serve in his stead, is discharged.


1A William Field served in Capt. George Mercer’s company during the Fort Necessity campaign. A 40–year-old Irishman by that name enlisted in John Ashby’s company of rangers in Sept. 1755. The sentinel was probably Richard Denny. See GW’s Orders, 10 April 1756. No record of the proceedings of the court-martial has been found.

2Retreat was the beat of drums at sunset.

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