George Washington Papers

Orders, 10 October 1755


Orders for the Recruits of the two Companies of Rangers.

Winchester: October 10th 1755.

One Corporal and Seven men to Mount a Guard, which is to be Relieved at Sun-set to-morrow.

A Centry is to be placed over the Magazine and Gun powder.

Lieutenants Limon1 and Rutherford,2 are to take it by turns, to examine the State of the Recruits, and see that they commit no Irregularities. An Orderly man is to attend Colonel Washington to-morrow; and while he stays, is to be Relieved every two hours, regularly.

As the Sheriff3 can not attend to-morrow, the Orderly Officer is to look after [ ] or any other Waggons which shall come to Town; and is to Report them immediately to Colonel Washington.

Lieutenant Limon for the Day.


1Thomas Lemen (Lemon) of Frederick County, son of James Lemen (d. 1757), remained lieutenant in the 1st company of rangers commanded by Capt. William Cocks until the company was disbanded in Sept. 1756. The Frederick County court order book recorded on a 2 Sept. 1755 that Thomas Lemon and Thomas Rutherford took their oaths as lieutenants in the ranger companies.

2Thomas Rutherford was lieutenant of John Ashby’s 2d company of rangers. GW recommended him to Dinwiddie for an ensign’s commission in the Virginia Regiment on 12 June 1757, but instead Dinwiddie appointed him Indian agent to conduct the Catawba Indians to British forts on the western frontier. Rutherford served as an Indian agent under Christopher Gist from July 1757 until the fall of 1758, when he became deputy to Commissary Thomas Walker. In 1761 he was elected a burgess for Hampshire County, and he served continuously in the Virginia Assembly until 1769.

3Meredith Helm was the sheriff of Frederick County in 1755.

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