George Washington Papers

I., 10 December 1754



[10 December 1754]


The Division of the Slaves of the late Lawrence Washington Esqr. as made pursuant to the last Will and Testament of the Said Lawrence is hereunto annexd: and that Moiety of the said Slaves, the use of which by the Will aforesaid was devis’d to the Widow of the said Law[renc]e during her Life, George Lee Esqr. of Westmoreland County who Intermarried with the said Widow doth hereby acknowledge to have receiv’d—The other Moiety; which by the Death of the said Lawrence’s daughter Sarah, is to descend according to the true Intent of the Will to the several Devisees therein mention’d; They also acknowledge to have receiv’d as pr this Division, and agree on both sides to abide thereby in pursuance of the Testators direction, true meaning, and Intention In Witness whereof they have set their Hands and Seals this Tenth day of Decemr 1754.


George Lee
W. Fairfax Ann Lee
Go. Wm Fairfax
Robt Mirrie1 Augst. Washington2
John Dalton3
John Turberville5 Thomas Plummer4 G. Washington
Sarah Carlyle John Carlyle
Bryan Fairfax ⟨for⟩ A.W.

ADS, ViHi (photostat).

1Robert Mirrie is probably the Robert Merrie who appeared in several court cases in Fairfax County in the 1750s. In 1755 GW dealt with a Capt. Robert Merrie, master of the Rose, which sailed out of London in the Virginia tobacco trade.

2Augustine Washington (1720–1762), second after Lawrence of the two surviving sons of Augustine Washington (1694–1743) and his first wife, Jane Butler Washington (1699–1729), was a half brother to GW. After attending school at Appleby, Westmoreland County, Eng., he returned to Virginia, married Anne Aylett (d. 1773), of Westmoreland County, Va., and settled at the Washington family plantation at Pope’s Creek, Westmoreland County.

3John Dalton (d. 1777), a founder and trustee of the town of Alexandria, was a merchant and partner of John Carlyle. Dalton married a daughter of Thomas Shaw.

4Thomas Plummer is perhaps related to the Plummer family of Richmond County.

5John Turberville (1737–1799)lived at Hickory Hill in the Nomini neighborhood of Westmoreland County.

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