George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Robert Dinwiddie, 21 August 1754

To Robert Dinwiddie

Alexandria 21st Augt 1754

Honble Sir

The bearer hereof Mr Wright discovering an Inclination to the Art Military, & having in some Measure made it his Study I have taken the liberty to recommend him to your Honour for one of the Vacancy’s in the Virginia Regiment; this I do with more assurance of succeeding, as Mr Wrights Character for good Sense and Sobriety, will render him worthy the favour you may please to confer, and I dare venture to say, he will endeavour to deserve.1

Yesterday Mr Perouney set of from this; who I hope will also meet with your Honour’s approbation and indulgence, as his behaviour has merited a reward from his Country (such he looks upon this to be).2

Mr Campbell arriv’d Yesterday after appointing the Muster’s for the Northern Neck. I was not a little surprisd to hear him say he was to have the Half of my Salary especially when he at the same time gave me to understand he expected it was the half of the 70 exclusive of the 30 which he has for two County’s which is near a third of what I get for the whole 11 Countys—a great disproportion this—I hope your honour gave Mr Campbell no room to expect this, for I think it exceeding hard that I shoud give so much more for a deputy than other’s, especially when the duty is much easier:3 for the Middle district which has 18 Countys, Muse gives but 40£s Colo. Thornton give’s yet less for his,4 while I by Mr Campbell⟨’s⟩ acct is to give £65 or at any Rate 50£—I hope if your Honour is kind enough to continue me in that Office you will not oblige me to give such an exorbitant allowance to a Person who by all accts knows nothing of the duty he has under taken: I can get a Person whom I have taken great pains myself to teach, and who is now perfectly acquainted with every part of the Service; to do the duty of the whole, for the same that other’s give: and I shou’d be very glad for the sake of having the Countys kept in tolerably discipline, and for the favour of obliging me your Honour woud indulge me in this: as I will engage it shall turn more to the Publick advantage, whose Interest I am certain from well founded Reasons you espouse preferable to that of private—I am with all due regard, & imaginable respect your Honour’s Most Obd. & most Hble Servt

Go: Washington

I must again mention Mr Frazier as a person we shall much need if Mr Peyrouney is promoted as I hope he will.

ALS, ViHi.

1William Wright served as a cadet in the Fort Necessity campaign. He was made an ensign with the date of rank 20 July and lieutenant, 28 Oct. 1754. He was killed in July 1755 by the Indians.

2William La Péronie was under consideration for a captaincy in the Virginia forces. See GW to Dinwiddie, 20 Aug. 1754, n.1.

3After serving as adjutant for the southern military district in Virginia, GW became adjutant for the Northern Neck, and Colin Campbell was his deputy, appointed by Dinwiddie. Of GW’s annual salary of £100, Campbell got £30 per annum apparently for taking care of the two Virginia counties on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake, Accomack and Northampton, both in GW’s military district. GW was now protesting Campbell’s claim to half GW’s salary, whether the total was to be £50 or £65 (one-half £70 plus £30), for performing the duties of adjutant while GW campaigned on the frontier. Dinwiddie decided that Campbell should receive “50 Ann” (Dinwiddie to GW, 11 Sept. 1754). Campbell was still deputy adjutant when GW returned from the Braddock expedition in Aug. 1755, but he subsequently became the adjutant of the southern district.

4George Muse was adjutant for the Middle Neck military district, between the Rappahannock and the James rivers.

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