George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Robert Dinwiddie, 18 June 1754

From Robert Dinwiddie

[18 June 1754]


I rec’d Yr Letter of June 3d & I am very glad to know by it that the Half Kg with 80 Persons is arriv’d at Yr Camp. I have given all necessary Orders for a proper Supply for Yr R[egimen]t and Yr[self] not doubting but by this Time Muse has joined You—The barbarous Intents. of the French surprizes me & their Speech to the Wayandotts Twightwees &ca & it gives me Pleasure that those Nat[ion]s have declared their Inclinats. in our Favo. & their endeavouring to get the Chippaways & Ottaways to our Int[eres]t which at this Time will be of very great Service as we have begun not doubting but they will take up the Hatchet against the French. I hope the Half King’s Message by Monacatoocha will have its proper Effect by drawing these Nats. to our Intt. I approve of Yr Proposal to the Half King of sending the Women & Children into the Inhabits. if he agrees to send them they will be taken proper Care of having given Orders Accordingly.

I thorowly consider’d the great Use Montour wd be to You & was uneasy that You had no Interpr. I therefore gave him a Como. to comd a select Nr of Inds. on this Expedition, & hope he is with You before this;1 I further engag’d Mr Croghan to repair to Yr Camp & there to remn as Yr Interpreter.2 I firmly believe wt the Deserters mention in regard to the Master Traders being confined at the Fr. Fort, & of the Party sent down the Ohio to kill & take Prisoners all the English, which I beg You will make proper Use of in being on Yr Guard from any Surprise. From the Appearance of the Prisoners I judge that the Party under Jumonville was of chosen Men but I hope their Numbs. at the Fort cannot be 1100 However act with Caution as if they were so: tho’ it gives me Pleasure to find Yr resolutn not to be shaken by the apprehension of Superiour Numbers as appear’d by the late action which was conducted with good Sense & Bravery. My Godson’s Behavior gives me Pleasure, & I desire wn the Goods come out You may equip him agreeable to his Merit & his being my Godson3—I have order’d the remainder of the Goods to be kept at Win[chester] till the So[uth]ern Inds. arrive there. They are to have some of them & the remainder to be sent to the Camp to be distributed to the Inds. occasionally agreeable to Yr former Proposal. I am glad You have finished Yr Pallisadoed Fort, & hope the Independt Company from So. Car. will join You this Night—The two Compas. from NY: are every Minute expected having been embark’d above a Fortnight, & they shall have my orders to march immediately, which, with the Forces from No. Car. the So[u]th[er]n Inds. & our friendly Inds. on Ohio, wn collected in a Body will make a good Figure against any Number the Fr. can bring against Us.4 I have with great Pleasure recd the 3 Strings of Wam. from the Wyandotts & the other Warriors. I desire You will make a Speech in my Name & give 3 Strings properly in return—Yr Conduct gives me great Satisfactn & Pleasure & I am, Sr Yr real Friend.

P.S. If the Women & Children come into the Inhabitts: I think they’ll be taken the best care of at Win[chester] which You may propose to the Half King—I am in my way to Wmsburg but I have ordered Majr Carlyle to send me immediately any Message & Informatn that You find necessary to send.

LB, ViHi: Dinwiddie Papers.

4On 9 June Lt. Col. George Muse came into camp with the part of the Virginia Regiment that had been with Col. Joshua Fry. Andrew Montour and George Croghan were on hand by 10 June. Capt. James Mackay and his independent company from South Carolina joined GW by mid-June. Neither of the New York independent companies nor James Innes’s North Carolina regiment arrived in time to take part in the defense of Fort Necessity, and very few of the Indians arrived.

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