George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 27 September 1798]

27. Morning cloudy—wind fresh from So. Wt. with a scud or two of Rain in the afternoon. Mr. Jno. Herbert came to dinner and a Major Simons of Charleston in the afternn.

major simons: Simons is Major James Simons (1761–1815) who had served under William Washington during the Revolution. Simons was appointed colonel in 1782 but preferred to call himself “major.” Simons brought a letter of introduction to GW from William Washington of South Carolina. GW returned an answer by Simons in which he urged Washington to accept a commission in the army during the diplomatic crisis with France and also asked him to recommend officers for the regimental ranks from South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. “It has been said . . . that the twelve Regiments, under the Act for augmenting the force of the United States, will be proportioned among them; whereof Virginia, the two Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee & Kentucky, will be called upon for four; & perhaps the additional Troops of Cavalry. If this plan should be adopted, I presume each of these states will be called upon for a certain part. I do not mean the authority of the State will be required to furnish them—but that, so many Men will be recruited in each, & furnish Officers in proportion thereto” (GW to William Washington, 27 Sept. 1798, DLC:GW).

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