George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 7 December 1797]

7. Wind Southerly but still cold. Mer. from 26 to 32. Doctr. Fendall went away, & Docr. Stuart came.

Dr. Benjamin Fendall of Cedar Hill in Charles County, Md., was a dentist. He probably came to see Mrs. Washington, who was to have some new teeth made. GW wrote Dr. Fendall several months later, “Mrs. Washington has been long in expectation of receiving what you took away unfinished, and was to have completed and sent to her; and prays that it may be done with out further delay, as she is in want of them, & must apply elsewhere if not done” (6 Mar. 1798, DLC:GW). Over a year later Fendall wrote GW that he had been able to finish Mrs. Washington’s teeth and was sending them by a servant. Whether these are the same ones GW had inquired about is not known. Fendall wrote, “They are—as nearly as I can now recollect, like the old ones—as there are so many ways, to make, & shape Teeth—’twoud be almost impossible, to make ’em, exactly alike—after some time, without having the old ones present. The Model, I took, has, also, by accident, sustain’d some injury. I am extremely sorry, indeed, yr. Lady has been obliged to wait so long owing to my long absence from home and my Illness after I had arriv’d at Cedar-Hill” (10 Aug. 1799, DLC:GW).

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