George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 12 September 1797]

12. Wind at So. Et. Mer. 70. Appearances of Rain in the Eveng. but none fell. Col. Otway Byrd, Doctr. Barraud came to Dinr. & Mr. Saml. Washington in the Afternoon.

Francis Otway Byrd (1756–1800), son of William Byrd III (1729–1777) and his first wife, Elizabeth Hill Carter Byrd, resigned his post in the British navy at the beginning of the Revolution to take the position of aide to Maj. Gen. Charles Lee. He later was appointed a lieutenant colonel of dragoons. After the Revolution, Byrd was sheriff and clerk of the court of Charles City County. On 24 Nov. 1797 he was appointed collector of the port of Norfolk (EXECUTIVE JOURNAL description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America: From the commencement of the First, to the termination of the Nineteenth Congress. Vol. 1. Washington, D.C., 1828. description ends , 1:251).

Dr. Philip Barraud (1757–1830), son of Daniel Cary and Catherine Curle Barraud, practiced medicine in Williamsburg. He was on the board of visitors at the College of William and Mary and on the court, or board, of directors of the asylum in Williamsburg. In 1799 he moved to Norfolk where he practiced for 30 years (BLANTON description begins Wyndham B. Blanton. Medicine in Virginia in the Eighteenth Century. Richmond, 1931. description ends , 343–44; VSP description begins William P. Palmer et al., eds. Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts. 11 vols. Richmond, 1875–93. description ends , 9:13).

Samuel Washington (c.1770–1831), the younger son of GW’s brother Charles and Mildred Thornton Washington, lived in or near Charles Town, Berkeley County. Samuel, who had become responsible for his ailing father’s debts and had suffered two disastrous years in which he lost his crops, wrote GW on 7 July requesting a loan. GW was short of money himself but agreed to let his nephew have $1,000 in order to prevent him from having to sell his land; at the same time he gave him a stern lecture on the evils of borrowing (Samuel Washington to GW, 7 July, 1797, owned by Mr. Sol Feinstone, Washington Crossing, Pa.; Samuel Washington to GW, 29 July 1797, ViMtvL; GW to Samuel Washington, 12 July 1797, DLC:GW). On 13 Sept. Samuel gave GW a promissory note for the money (ViMtvL).

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